The Squirrel

Some years ago my father-in-law decided to placed a squirrel feeder on a maple tree about 10 yards from his home. It’s a simple device—two boards and a nail on which to impale a corncob. It was a good thing it was simple because he was not much of a carpenter. Well, each morning this one particular squirrel would come to enjoy that day’s meal. She’s was a pretty thing—black with a round, gray tummy.

On occasion he and I would sit on his back porch in the morning and watch this beautiful creature of God eat. She efficiently plucked each kernel from the cob, held it in her paws, turned it around and eat the heart out of the kernel. At the end of the day no kernels remain, only a neat little pile of leftovers under the tree.

This went on for some time, but despite Eric’s care for her, the squirrel was afraid of him. When he approached, she would run away, taking refuge in her tree and chattering at him when he got too close. She didn’t know that he provided the food she ate each and every day.

There are certainly some people are like that with God. They run from Him, sometimes in fear. They don’t know that He loves them and richly provides them with everything for their enjoyment (Ps. 65:11).

Henry Scougal, a 17th-century Scottish minister, wrote some time ago:

“Nothing is more powerful to engage our affection than to find that we are [loved by] One who is altogether lovely . . . . How must this astonish and delight us; how must it overcome our [fear] and melt our hearts.”

God’s love is the perfect love that “casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).

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