Armed Police Protection for Kamala Harris, the Height of Elitist Hypocrisy

If it were up to Harris and her useful idiot followers, they’d all be illegal except for the guns carried by state enforcers. (KamalaHarris/Facebook)

 by David Codrea

USA – -( “Armed, plain-clothes LAPD officers were dispatched to California cities outside of Los Angeles at least a dozen times to provide security for U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris at public events, media appearances, and a party,” NBC Los Angeles reports. “The LAPD routinely provides security for dignitaries and officials visiting LA, but a senior retired department official said the courtesy extended to Sen. Harris for her travels to other cities was unprecedented.”

What’s not unprecedented are gun-grabbing politicians who would deny you the right to protect yourself and your family while using tax plunder to make sure their safety is taken care of. Their security detachments can even go armed in so-called “gun-free zones.” At least they have that in common with private criminals.

And Harris is such a hypocrite. And a lying one at that.

“This cannot be a political issue,” she tweeted disingenuously after Parkland, not bothering to explain why she insists on making it one. “We have to have smart gun safety laws – our babies are being slaughtered.”

And what gun safety laws does she consider “smart”?

First of all, forget allowing teachers to make the choice to arm and protect themselves. Harris tried to shoot that plan down by pointing out “trained law enforcement officials, they only hit of their intended target approximately 20 percent of the time,” making it fair to ask if that means her armed security detail poses an 80% danger to the public.

Harris supports “further restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.” She’s trying to “export California gun control to the nation.” She used “dirty tactics” in the Peruta case to fight the right of all Americans (except for enforcers) to bear arms. And naturally she doesn’t want you to be able to possess “common defense” firearms consistent with the intent of the Second Amendment.

But the guys you pay for who are protecting her, the “Only Ones,” can have it all. And more.

But no fair, some will argue. She’s an important politician. That makes her more of a target than “ordinary” people.

Let’s forget the congressmen killed in duels. It’s been half a century since Robert F. Kennedy, the last U.S. Senator was assassinated, and the one before him, Huey Long, was shot to death in 1935, presumably by his own bodyguards.

As far as the most dangerous jobs in America, “politician” doesn’t make it anywhere near the top 25, all of whom, aside from law enforcement officers, Harris demands be disarmed.

Here’s the thing – reasonable people can agree that some politicians, especially high-profile ones, can require extraordinary protection for situations regular constituents are not likely to encounter—the crazy, violent Bernie supporter who shot up Republican congressmen at the baseball practice, or the nutjob “progressive” #MarchForOurLives supporterarrested for trying to stab a congressman the other day come to mind.

By the same token, Kamala Harris is unlikely to be subjected to the myriad dangers ordinary citizens face. It’s doubtful she’ll ever have some reptile stick a gun in her face at a convenience store, or live in a dangerous neighborhood overrun by gangs, or be the victim of a home invasion, or be raped and slaughtered just because some animal feels like doing it to her. Yet she would prevent every one of those potential victims from protecting themselves.

She would prevent you if you let her.

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