New robotic-assisted surgical system comes to Jackson

by Corallys Ortiz  |  WBBJ

JACKSON, Tenn. — Those who suffer from joint pain in their knees can now use a new form of surgery, one that involves a robotics-assisted system.

“The NAVIO robotic knee replacement system, it’s new technology,” said Dr. Jason Hutchison, Orthopedic Surgeon at the West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic. “We’ve just got it in, we’ve just started using here at Jackson to provide better knee replacements, and partial knee replacements for the patients in West Tennessee.”

The West Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic began using the NAVIO Surgical System this summer and became the first free-standing surgery center in the state to offer the robotic-assisted surgery.

“In the planning process of the procedure, it’s very important that we come up with a proper plan to match with the patients anatomy,” said Dr. Hutchison. “We want individualized care for each patient and god made all of us different.”

This center is a primary spot for the new surgical system, and with Jackson being halfway between Nashville and Memphis it makes traveling a lot easier for those looking to get this type of surgery. The system is designed to help with accuracy during knee surgery in hopes of causing less pain and improving recovery time.

“This technology decreases the blood loss, decreases the swelling,” said Dr. Hutchison. “And by more perfectly matching it, it’s going to improve the recovery time on almost very patient.”

The clinic did about 700 joint replacements last year, many of those being knee replacements, and have already started using the new system in surgeries.

“We’ve done over 20 so far, I’ve personally have done eight,” said Dr. Hutchison. “There’s surgeons probably began using it everyday here in Jackson and patients are going to see the benefits.”

A seminar of the new system will be open to the public Thursday, Oct. 4 at the West Tennessee Bone and Joint’s 219 Stonebridge Blvd location.

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