Maryland files suit to try and protect ObamaCare

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Maryland is seeking something of an insurance policy against Texas and other GOP-led states’ efforts to overturn ObamaCare in court.

The state’s attorney general filed a separate lawsuit in Maryland seeking an order to keep the Affordable Care Act going.

This could create some confusion: Here’s University of Michigan law professor Nick Bagley explaining the dueling orders this could create:

“Depending on how quickly the Maryland case moves, it’s possible we could see dueling injunctions–one ordering the Trump administration to stop enforcing the law, the other ordering it to keep enforcing,” he writes.

“That’s an unholy mess just waiting to happen. Now, it may not come to that. My best guess is that the Texas lawsuit will fizzle: any injunction will likely be stayed pending appeal, either by the Fifth Circuit or the Supreme Court, and the case is going nowhere on the merits. The Maryland lawsuit will likely prove unnecessary.”

Read his analysis here.

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