We want to invite you and your family to join us at the upcoming NEIGHBORHOOD PRAYER WALK on September 22nd 2018.

Please open and read the details on this postcard PDF.

We hope you will mark your calendar to join us and we encourage you to send this to as many family members and friends, co-workers, fellow church members, your pastors, Sunday School/ Small Groups as possible to join us as well.

We will be Gathering together at 8:30 am for complimentary sausage and biscuits, coffee and fellowship.

After instructions and prayer at 8:55 am we will be walking along Old Hickory Blvd West starting at 9 am.  Around 9:05 we will stop and join hands along the sidewalks on Old Hickory Blvd and lift up prayers for that community.

Immediately following the corporate prayer we will be breaking off in small groups and walk up and down the streets off Old Hickory praying for the homes on that block.  It ends at 10 am. with a very brief wrap up and thank you time.

There is no agenda.  There is no political motive.  We just know that prayer changes lives and circumstances.  That morning is simply taking a brief time to pray Blessings and Protection over Families and children, for strengthening marriages, healing, restoration, and salvation for the lost in the neighborhood ….all in the power of Jesus name.

We believe in the power of prayer and in bringing our churches together and are hoping God will give us hundreds of people to TAKE A WALK and MAKE A STAND to pray and Bless our neighbors.

Please READ.  PRAY.  and SHARE THIS.


Clark and Juanita Shaw

Garry and Kathy Martin

And our Neighborhood Prayer Walk Team

  1. We are very pleased to announce that the Jackson Police Dept is planning a FREE COMMUNITY COOKOUT immediately following our event in the SURPLUS WAREHOUSE parking lot, next to the Old K-Mart, for those living in the Old Hickory Blvd—West area.  Also the Fire Department will have a FIRE ENGINE, the EMS will have an AMBULANCE and the Emergency Air Vac is flying in a HELICOPTER for the Police Department’s COMMUNITY COOKOUT.

We hope to see you next Saturday for the NEIGHBORHOOD PRAYER WALK.

Want to begin praying for your own neighbors who live on your street right now and everyday ?

Go to the BLESS EVERY HOME WEBSITE and sign up today.  It’s free and will be a major blessing to your own family as well !!

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