What is Christine Braley Ford trying to hide?

By Monica Showalter  |   American Thinker

Monica Showalter

Monica Showalter

After Democrats all but lose the prospect of derailing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, suddenly a new accuser with a 35-year-old charge of groping abuse comes out of the woodwork. Problem is, she doesn’t want to tell us everything.

Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation started with a letter. An anonymous accusatory letter of bad behavior dating from high school. A letter we were supposed to believe, a guy’s career we were supposed to ruin, yet we were to take only on faith that there was any merit to it.

Well that fell apart, so the accuser came forward. She had psychologist’s notes, dating from 2012. She says she passed a polygraph. And the picture she painted was imaginable as witness stories are – there were holes in the story (she had no idea where she was or how she got home, she didn’t want to say anything to anyone so as to avoid getting in trouble), and her charges – groping, clothes grabbed at, but no rape – were not over the top. All of that made her look rather believable, because well, I am about the same age as her and know what it was like to be 17. Seventeen year old girls often are groped by certain kinds of boys.

But her case rapidly fell apart when it wasn’t just a problem from her long ago.

Turns out her present politics has a lot to do with what we are seeing. She’s a fanatic Bay Area far-left activist. She donated cash to ShareBlue, a generic Democratic front for cash raising of the Obama-hipster variety. On Twitter, there was some talk (unverified) that she gave $5,000 to Hillary Clinton. But she did make pink pussy hats and participate in the anti-Trump women’s marches. And her 2012 trip to the therapist took place right when Kavanaugh’s name came up in the news as a possible Mitt Romney Supreme Court nominee, though interestingly, Kavanaugh’s name was not used.

Most tellingly, before she came out as the accuser, she spent what must have been days, scrubbing her social media accounts of all the lefty activities and statements she must have been involved in.

Why did she do that?

Just because someone is a lefty does not mean they couldn’t be a victim of a high school groper. Leftwingers would be the very first to point this out. Why did she scrub it?

Obviously, because it was to conceal her political agenda and make her case stronger as that of a random objective woman telling the truth, not a lefty activist desperate to make a difference for the Democrats.

To draw on my own experience, dating from early college at the Jesuit Catholic University of San Francisco in the early 1980s, I remember the gropers and attackers too. They were never the Catholic school boys. The Catholic school boys from the West Coast were all very fine young men and all good marrying material. They often came from the wine country of the Central Valley and Napa Valley, or down the central coast, and often were of Italian and French and Portuguese descent, similar to Rep. Devin Nunes. The East Coast Catholic school boys were more sociable, party-hearty types, great drinkers, and a great addition, even if they hated President Reagan, which of course, the rest of us didn’t. They didn’t grope or act like jerks, they were just good with jokes, drinks and having fun.

There were the gropers and attackers however – and they were the non-Catholic school boys. Most commonly, they were foreign exchange students from other cultures which had no tradition of respecting women. I remember a Sudanese guy who tried to force himself on me, and some awful Libyans and Lebanese Muslims, although the Lebanese Catholic students were exactly the same as the U.S. Catholic schoolboys. Very specifically, the bad kids were from Islamic cultures and we Catholic university girls knew early on about the cultural problems of those societies, decades before 9/11. I still really wonder why the Catholic university exposed us to those dirtbags, except to think that perhaps they did not know.

Ford’s portrayal of Catholic schoolboys gone wild doesn’t stack up to my experience at all – nor does it stack up to the experience of the 65 women who say Kavanaugh never acted like that. Those women I find believable.

Which leaves the question open as I think of how Ford scrubbed her social media: What is she trying to hide here?

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