Mystery Babylon’s lawful obligation

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Mystery Babylon’s lawful obligation

Sep 18, 2018

Mystery Babylon, by its very definition, rules by secrecy. That is what “mystery” means. Without that secrecy, it has very little power, because its power depends on the consent of the people. If the Babylonian rulers can convince the people that they are doing a good job, that they are promoting the best interests of the people, and that they support freedom, the people will continue to allow it to rule.

It was written years ago that the best slaves are those who think they are free. That is the principle by which Mystery Babylon has ruled the world, especially in the past century. Their second great tactic is to feed the natural desires of sinful flesh, because morally corrupt people will support any government that gives them the freedom to sin.

The Satanists and Luciferians at the top of Mystery Babylon understand that they rule only by a divine mandate and that this mandate came to them when God brought judgment upon Israel and Judah for their sin and rebellion against the laws of God. Hence, in order to extend their mandate beyond the allotted time, they have corrupted the people as much as possible. By increasing the sin-debt of the people and the nations, they think they have grounds to appeal to the divine court to extend the sentence of the law that God has imposed upon Judah, Israel, and the world.

Their biggest problem is that they have no control over divine intervention. They have no power to stop the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which will cause the people to repent. Neither do they understand that with each authority comes an equal level of responsibility and liability.

The Law of Tribulation

The law of authority applies to Mystery Babylon as much as it applied to the kings of Judah in ancient times. Authority comes with the responsibility to establish righteousness in the earth. Failure to do so brings divine judgment. Israel and Judah failed and were thus sold into bondage.

This is why the kings of Judah were judged, and this is why God transferred the authority to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. In fact, even earlier, in the time of the Judges, this is why God brought Israel into six distinct captivities. When each captivity was ready to end, God judged the ruling foreign nation for the same reason God had judged Israel.

The Law of Redemption

The basic law governing such things is the law of redemption. All sin is reckoned as a debt, and when a debtor was sold into bondage for his inability to pay the debt, his master was essentially his redeemer. His master took upon himself the responsibility to pay the debt of the debtor, and as a reward, the master was given authority over his new slave for a time specified by the judge.

But if the new master refused to pay the debt, then the same judge would hold him accountable. As long as the slave was obedient to his master (as required by the court), he was not responsible to pay the debt.

So is it with us. God sold Judah (and the whole world) into captivity to Babylon and the various beast empires for 2,520 years (“seven times”). During that time, beast governments were held liable to bring forth the fruits of righteousness (the Kingdom). Their deadline to fulfill their lawful responsibility ended last October (2017) without success. Hence, God is now holding them liable in the same manner as seen in all of the previous captivities in Scripture.

They think that they can extend their time if only they can increase the sin debt of the people. However, this does not work, because the beast governments themselves are in authority­and are therefore held liable. Slaves are far less liable for their actions than their masters who command them to sin. Their ungodly commands are called “the law of sin” in Romans 7:25.

Hence, the rulers of Mystery Babylon are attempting to retain power by increasing sin, instead of using their authority to sow righteous seed and bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom. Being incapable of righteousness, they are trying to use the law against the people of the earth as a method of extending or increasing their power. That tactic failed in all of the past captivities, and it will fail again in our day.

What President Trump calls “the swamp” is simply the corruption that we would expect to see in a beast empire ruled by Luciferians at the top. Having ruled in secrec, they are now being exposed, not because Trump is so smart, but because the time has come for the last beast to lose power and for the authority to be passed on to the saints of the Most High.

The Law of Blindness

The law of Tribulation stated in Deuteronomy 28:64, 65 that during captivity to foreign nations, the people would serve other gods and that God would give the people “failing of eyes and despair of soul.” In other words, the people would be spiritually blind, and this is why Isaiah speaks of Israel’s blindness (Isaiah 29:9, 10). Blindness is a condition of captivity. It is part of the sentence of the law of Tribulation.

However, the law says that if a man blinds the eye of his servant, he must set him free for the sake of his eye (Exodus 21:26). God blinded His servant in order to obligate Himself to set them free by the law of Jubilee. Blindness is a terrible thing, but all of God’s laws have a good purpose in the end.

When God imposes judgment, it is always for a limited period of time (olam). Divine judgment is not “everlasting.” In this case, it lasted 2,520 years, which certainly seemed endless to the blind slaves who lived through it. But it has now come to an end, and the blindness is about to be lifted as Mystery Babylon is exposed.

Here is the way that this law works. When the beast master’s time to bring forth righteousness expires, his case must go back to the divine court for adjudication. That is why we have taken Babylon to court. Because the debt has not been paid, the master loses his slaves. Another Redeemer has arisen to redeem the debt note. This Redeemer is Christ Himself, as Isaiah 44:6, for He is the only Redeemer who can actually fulfill the requirements and obligations of the law to bring forth fruit in the earth (Isaiah 27:6).

Christ is the only One under whose rule the earth can fulfill its original purpose and mission­to bring forth fruit. That is the purpose of the Messiah. His purpose is not to enslave the world, but to set the world free from the law of sin­that is, from all masters who command us to sin.

The Covenant of Miracles

I am happy to inform all blind people that the time has come for Mystery Babylon to be removed from power and for Christ to step forward as the Redeemer of Israel and “the God of the whole earth” (Isaiah 54:5 KJV). Blindness is ending, hope is returning, and fruit is soon to come. This will be accomplished by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

We have seen the Spirit work in powerful ways already, but such times will not be comparable to what is yet to come. The Covenant of Miracles, promised in Exodus 34:10 and affirmed by Jesus Himself in John 14:12, is about to be fulfilled. So get ready. Expand your horizons and broaden your expectations. Hold God’s feet to the fire until He fulfills His promises. (Don’t worry, He likes fire!)

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