Democrats Are Starting to Realize Their Kavanaugh Ploy Is Collapsing

by Erick Erickson  |  The Resurgent

Ford cannot testify under oath without lying so the Democrats must double down on their talking points.

The Democrats first demanded that everyone hear Professor Ford’s accusations. But now they are stridently opposed to her being put under oath in the United States Senate. Brett Kavanaugh is perfectly willing to be put under oath and be subjected to Kamala Harris and Spartacus’s questions. But Ford does not want to answer Ben Sasse’s questions.

The only reason Democrats could go from insisting we all hear Ford, who was glad to testify before the Senate just a few short days ago, to demanding this all be put off even longer so she does not have to be put under oath is because they are increasingly convinced she would commit perjury.

Concurrent to insisting Professor Ford not be put under oath, the Democrats are equally adamant that she could in no way have mistaken someone else’s identity. They want us to believe that Ford could forget the year, the location, and the number of people present, but they are insistent there is no way should could confuse her assailant for someone else. They are convinced is absolutely has to be Kavanaugh.

If they were not so emotionally invested in stopping Kavanaugh, the Democrats would realize memory is flawed and it is possible for a victim to both be a victim and also mistake the identity of her assailant. It has happened numerous times.

The only reason Democrats would double down on Ford’s refusal to testify while also insisting she is not mistaken in her identity is because Democrats are actually increasingly confident she named the wrong guy. They cannot admit it, but they cannot afford to put her under oath either.

Their accusation is falling apart. Look for them to move quickly to ask Maryland to start an investigation since the FBI won’t.

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