BREAKING: Newly Discovered Audio From Ford’s Adviser Exposes Plot Against Kavanaugh

This entire charade should be placed up the behind of those who have committed so many crimes it isn’t funny.  This is all SO obvious and apparent to anyone who THINKS rather than schemes.
Past time to charge this lying female with charges ( a long list as I see it) and then prosecuted to the inth degree for her lies… along with her so called legal advisors and any other in any way related to this phoney dog & pony show.

Grassley needs to grow a pair and tell this bunch to go spit their crap in their own rooms.  The problem is too many on the GOP side are little more than femmie guys who still need to nurse off their mommies.  What on earth happened to the MALES in this world?  Did they drink the COO-AID and go nutless.  Is this the result of Gender modification operations???

Jackie Juntti

It was the plan from the Democrats all along.

In a July conference call to Democrat leaders, Ricki Seidman, a former Clinton White House “War Room” official and current advisor to Christine Ford discussed a strategy to take out Brett Kavanaugh.

“Over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee,” Seidman said during the call.

According to the , this was about the same time Feinstein received the letter from Ford.

Feinstein has yet to release the letter to the public.

Listen:  *** go to URL to be able to click on this*****

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