Jackson Madison County TEA Party is one of 60 conservative groups joining statewide to defeat Lamar Alexander,

This is an important and extensive update on the effort to unite all the Tea Party, liberty and patriot groups of Tennessee behind a single constitution-loving challenger to Lamar Alexander in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.

We now have 60 organizations participating in this effort.  Visit http://c4cs.wordpress.com/ for a full list.  If you do NOT see your group listed but you would like to participate, please let me know.  Likewise, if you’re group is listed incorrectly let me know.

Many of us have been communicating about this effort through an online GoogleGroups forum.  You can join the conversation by applying for access to the forum at http://tinyurl.com/SenateTN.

Here is the process and where we are on each step.

1.  We have agreed on a name for this effort, and it is the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate.

2.  We have finalized an extensive candidate questionnaire, which will be sent to all the candidates and potential challengers this weekend. See attached.  The questionnaire is now final – please do not send any additional suggestions.

3.  We are currently vetting candidates and potential candidates through our online forum at http://tinyurl.com/SenateTN.

4.  We have scheduled a forum for all the potential challengers on August 31st, 1:00pm – 3:30pm, in Nashville at a location to be announced shortly.  We are doing this forum in conjunction with BeatLamar.com, it will be called the BEAT LAMAR Forum, open to the public, moderated by Nashville’s Morning News radio host Ralph Bristol, and emcee’d by Ben Cunningham of the Nashville Tea Party.  All questions will come from the audience, with preference given to representatives of the Coalition groups who will receive a card to raise for question.  We invite ALL groups participating to bring ALL of their organization banners to display around the room – please come at noon to put up your banners.

5.  Immediately following the forum will be a convention of all the groups participating in the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate.  Only leaders and designated representatives from each group will be permitted to participate in the convention.  The purpose of the convention is to seek consensus on a single challenger to Lamar Alexander so that we will avoid splitting our support amongst multiple challengers.  Anyone who has already committed to supporting a candidate should NOT participate as that defeats the purpose of coming to this meeting to agree on a candidate.  Additionally, if you are not a representative of your group as designated by the group’s leaders, you may not participate.  Those of you who are not currently affiliated with any groups are invited to attend the forum, but may not participate in the convention afterwards.

6.  Some groups may require approval by their broader membership or from leadership that is not present, so we will wait 7 days following the convention before making the results public should we find consensus on a candidate.

If your group is not listed at http://c4cs.wordpress.com/ then why not?  Please contact me today and let me know that your group wishes to participate along with more than 60 other liberty and patriot groups.

In Liberty,

Eric Stamper
President, Sumner United for Responsible Government

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