The Internet Floats “Brett’s Law”

Regular readers of WGEN will recall my calling for this very thing —
SP:  Records Show Dr. Ford Is Not A Licensed Psychologist, May Have Committed Perjury

Females like this *Dr* Ford need to be held accountable and suffer the Consequences of their lies.  And this includes their crooked attorneys as well.

Jackie Juntti
Liars are of the family of Satan – the Father of ALL  lies.

Should there be punishment for falsely accusing someone of sexual assault? The Reddit group The_Donald floats a novel idea: The False Sexual Assault Allegation Act. They’re calling it “Brett’s Law” which would declare false sexual assault accusations to be a federal crime punishable by not less than 10 years in prison.

Supporters gave some interesting reasons for why this law should exist.


Two months into turning 18, my best female friend (of thirteen years) accused my best male friend and me of “sexually assaulting” her. All witnesses knew it was bullshit, but this tore our group of friends apart. When the dust settled, it was a pyrrhic victory for us boys.

Her accusations were, of course, bullshit. Before this, I was fairly liberal. Apparently, we weren’t paying enough attention to her skimpy swimsuit…
Her accusations opened my eyes ­ some fifteen years ago recollecting this, I am grateful that such an innocent accusation occurred so early in my life ­ it has taught me to keep my eyes open, and never to work one-on-one with a woman. Not even a trusted friend.


The general principle should be if you knowingly and falsely accuse someone of a crime, then your accusation should itself be a crime with sentencing guidelines based on those of the crime for which you falsely accused. So falsely accuse of premeditated murder, and you could face the death penalty yourself. Falsely accuse of stealing a TV and you might go to jail for a month or whatever. Falsely accuse of rape and you do what, 5 or 10 years?

Of course, the presumption of innocence has to go both ways. So it’s possible a jerk falsely accuses, the innocent party gets off because the court realizes it was false, and then the jerk gets prosecuted and also gets off. So it’s not guaranteed, nor should it be. You have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person knowingly made a false accusation, which may not be easy (nor should it be).


This same law should also create my False Accuser Database. Same thing as sex offender registry. When you are guilty of falsely accusing someone, everywhere you go a mailer is sent with your picture, saying what you did. You’re also on a publicly available database, and you must report it when interviewing for a job. If you have so little integrity that you’ll lie about a sexual assault, how can you be trusted?


The law should treat this crime like an attempted kidnapping, because that’s what it is – the use of the police and judicial system to kidnap someone.

But just like with rape charges against men… women charged with this would be innocent until proven guilty. No woman could ever be prosecuted for reporting an actual rape, because the rapist couldn’t disprove something that actually happened.

And even most false accusers would get away with it, because it’s difficult to conclusively prove they intentionally lied in order to have someone convicted. This is unfortunate, but so is the fact that most rapists get away with it because rape is difficult to prove. “Innocent until proven guilty” requires this, however.

And I don’t know about calling it “Brett’s Law”, because in this case we can’t prove that Julie Swetnick’s allegations against Kavanaugh are lies. They are very unlikely to be true, but there’s a massive difference between “this habitual liar is probably lying again” and “I have conclusive proof that she is intentionally lying in order to harm someone”.


I’d support it only if it was limited to circumstances where it was provable beyond a reasonable doubt. Like where the standard of proof is significantly higher than the other way around. I dont like the thought of discouraging actual rape victims to come forward with any law.


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