Remember when Potiphars wife lied

This tells the whole story –  this kind of defamation has been going on for centuries.  It is another of the devils tools to destroy GOOD people (Christians).  What is sad is how so many females fall for the lies to become the puppets of the demonic liars.  Why is it that there is little to no reports being published on those REAL cases that have actual *evidence* and history of this kind of assault –  protecting the real criminal and destroying again the GOOD people.

All the way back to EVE in The Garden for falling for the lies of the serpent.  Can you understand why I have such opposition to women in public office?  So very FEW are able to THINK, using LOGIC rather than Emotions.

The FBI needs to investigate the females in this and their legal advisors for their crimes in this investigation as they are more than guilty of criminal acts.

H/T to The Federal Observer for this graphic.

Jackie Juntti


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