Christine Blasey Ford Lied. We Now Have a Sworn Statement From Her Ex Boyfriend

By Erick Erickson  |   The Resurgent

She said she had never helped anyone with a polygraph. That directly contradicts what she said under oath.

Brett Kavanaugh said he liked beer and at times he drank too much. Reporters are claiming that means Kavanaugh lied under oath about drinking in excess. Well, they are nuancing to get there, but we do not have to nuance anymore with Christine Blasey Ford. Her story is falling apart.

Under oath, Ford stated that she had never given tips or advice to anyone who had taken a polygraph.

But Ford’s ex has released a sworn statement, subjecting him to perjury, claiming Ford actually did do just that.

This casts further doubt on Ford’s story. Real Clear Investigations is already out with a story undercutting Ford’s story about her front door. According to Ford, it was this door that caused her to remember Kavanaugh. But the door issue occurred years before Ford remembered Kavanaugh and was related to adding on a rentable space in her house, not as an extra passageway for the primary home owners.

Her story does not add up.

BOOM! Former Long-Time Boyfriend of Christine Ford DROPS A BOMB! — Proves FORD LIED UNDER OATH to Senate Committee!

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