There is one reason, and one reason alone, why Socialism/Communism has failed wherever it has been tried:  Human Nature.

Human Nature has never changed, and it will not change.  It is the one constant everyone can rely upon to repeat, repeat and repeat.  If we read the Bible, we will see a repeat of Human Nature that mirrors all that we see in today’s Humans 5,000 years later.

For example, women have been falsely accusing men of rape and sexual assault throughout history.  Take the story of Joseph in Genesis chapter 39, the very first and oldest book of the Bible.  There you will read that Joseph repelled the advances of his employer’s wife, and the wife then falsely accused Joseph of sexually assaulting her, thus landing Joseph in prison for a spell.

Does that sound familiar?

The primary, “quality”, of we Humans is selfishness.  We are all born selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed.  As we get older, our parents (usually) teach us that unbridled selfishness is potentially a self-destructive force, and that in order to get ahead in this world, we must work together to get what we want.

The man who starts a business is bound to fail if he hasn’t learned to work successfully with others, particularly valued employees, and of course, this also applies to the public and owners of other companies his business serves.  President Trump is an absolute master of this principle of success, which is why he is a self-made multi-billionaire.  He looks for any possible way to make his negotiations with others a win-win for both, rather than a zero-sum game where one wins and the other loses.

In the meantime, however, it is basic Human selfishness that remains the constant that it is, even if we’ve learned to modify and control it.

The principle at work here is the wisdom of helping others to get what they want, in return for them helping us get what we want.  The prospective employee would be wise to avoid any questions regarding vacations, 401k benefits and whatnot, and instead listen very carefully to what the prospective employer needs from him in order to earn the pay that employer is offering.

The successful employee knows that working hard to help the employer succeed is vital to his/her personal advancement and success, so they work hard to make themselves valuable to the employer, and (usually) that employer will compensate them accordingly.  If the employer does not compensate them accordingly, they have a great work track record on their resume to earn them employment from another employer who will compensate them accordingly, thus allowing them to move up to higher income and greater responsibility that promotions give them.

That is how Capitalism works successfully.  Those who are schooled in Human Nature excel in life, while those who refuse to accept Human Nature for what it is, are bound to fail.

Which brings us back to Socialism/Communism and why it never works.  Socialists prefer to think of Humans as bees or ants, which are born with an innate hive/colony instinct.  Those bugs have no selfish instincts at all.  They live and breath protection and advancement of the hive/colony, with no regard for themselves.  If we were born with those same instincts, Socialism/Communism would work for us just fine — and if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump its bottom every time it jumped!  Human nature never changes, and if you see a frog with wings, let me know.

Former Socialist and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders owns three homes.  Does anyone think Sanders would give up his wealth to live in a commune with the rest of us peons?  Of course not!  Just as those who worked hard to implement Socialism in the former Soviet Union, those same Communist Party members were rewarded for their efforts through position, prestige, automobiles and nice residences, among other things.  Should the United States ever devolve into a Socialist nightmare, you can bet Bernie will be well-compensated, and he knows it.  Basic Human selfishness dictates that, even though Bernie knows the general public would eventually suffer.

That basic selfishness is why Socialism always fails.

Under Socialism, if you are working in a factory, and the guy next to you is a slacker, but gets compensated the same as you, the logical and proven Human reaction is to reduce our own efforts because there is nothing to be gained.  Thus, the entire nation and its economy begins to suffer.

We Humans are motivated by personal, selfish gain.  We are born with the basic Human instinct to, “get ahead”.  We all want to have a secure home, quality food on the table, nice clothes on our backs, the best schools for our children and all the additional amenities that go with it.  When we do, it is also our natural inclination to try to help others improve their lives, because as the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.

What we are witnessing in the Trump economy is exactly that.  Sure, corporate CEO’s are raking it in due to our rapidly expanding economy, but pay for quality employees is also rising.  There are currently more job openings in the United States right now than qualified employees to fill them.  Fast food restaurants are hurting badly for employees because people who took those jobs under the failed Obama Administration out of necessity, are now being trained on the job for better pay and increased opportunity for advancement.

Even an idiot Socialist like Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, grudgingly had to raise his minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, not because the government forced him to by law, but because he was a facing a critical loss of employees if he didn’t.  Like a typical Socialist kingpin, he was compensating his employees so poorly that many of them were still receiving food stamps, but he was bright enough to realize the economic writing was on the wall, and knew he’d better heed the message or he’d be in the same predicament as our fast food employers.

That’s how Capitalism works!

So why, in this incredible state of growth we are enjoying in this Trump economy, do we still have morons pushing for Socialism?  Simple!  It’s selfish Human Nature at work.

The social defect Socialists embrace is coveting what others have.  Covetousness is a sin in God’s eyes.  In fact, God made it one of his Big Ten no-no’s.  Those who covet want what others have, rather than going out and earning it for themselves.  In their tiny little minds, going Socialist means they get to share in the success of others by force, rather than earning their way through personal effort.  To them, it seems easier to force others to share their good fortune through passing laws, than it is to do what is necessary to achieve their own personal success.  Again, it is Human Nature to be selfish and lazy.

The very worst thing we can ever do to another Human Being, it to give them something for free, and if it is easy for them to get it for free, why should they work for it?  That’s Human Nature!

Take for example what happened in Venezuela.  Most people don’t know Venezuela has more oil under it than Saudi Arabia, and prior to being taken over by Socialist dictator Chavez, and now Maduro, Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in South America.  By guaranteeing a stable and fair personal income for all, more and more Venezuelans saw no need to work.  They would get their, “fair”, income, and then they’d earn money under the table tax free, using all that spare time they suddenly had to pad their basic, “fair”, income.

As a result, the Venezuelan economy is in tatters.  Inflation in Venezuela is off the charts, nobody is getting their, “fair”, income anymore and Venezuelans are literally starving.  They are killing cats, rats and dogs for food.  They have no medicines.  There are no jobs, and they are leaving Venezuela by the thousands.  Oh, but President Maduro is still living in luxury!  That’s how Socialism works.  At least the Soviets were smart enough to make certain their workers couldn’t leave the Soviet Union without getting shot.  Maduro apparently didn’t think of that…

Come to think of it, that is exactly what our career U.S. welfare recipients do!  They don’t have to work for their welfare income, including housing assistance, free medical care and food stamps, so they often use their spare time to make money selling drugs or engage in other, “under-the-table”, endeavors to supplement that welfare income.  Again, that’s just good old Human Nature.  Fortunately, the United States is still overwhelmingly Capitalist, which is why our welfare programs haven’t totally destroyed our nation’s economy, but if our government keeps expanding them, they most surely will.

The only reason Communist China is still kicking is because they incorporated limited Capitalism into their economy with the acquisition of Hong Kong from Great Britain, otherwise they’d be steeped in abject poverty just like Venezuela, but just like the Soviet Union, the Chinese Commies don’t let their citizens leave the country without a real good reason either.  The one thing we can count on with Socialism is that the people will eventually become trapped as slave workers when the economy tanks.

If you ask today’s American Socialists, they’ll insist Socialism works, but it just hasn’t been implemented properly.  But you cannot implement a successful form of Socialism without changing Human Nature itself, and that is something that cannot be done.

But we will still have our Socialists, because what Socialism promises sounds like paradise to lazy, selfish losers, and lazy, selfish losers always lick up the idea of Socialism like a dog returning to its vomit.

That’s Human Nature!

Carl F. Worden

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