Politics and the Plan of God

This is another of those daily stops  for me as I check my news *traplines*.  I would hope others would also stop here often to understand the Spiritual War we are fully engaged in on this earth and especially in America.  I can’t say it often enough – Not one of us knows when we shall take our LAST BREATH – that  ‘point’  when our spiritual decision for where we shall spend eternity is determined.  If you haven’t made your personal *reservation* for THAT location then I strongly urge you to do so NOW.  The Lake of Fire isn’t going to be a pleasant place to spend eternity.  There is only ONE WAY to spend eternity with God and our Lord Jesus Christ and that is THRU JESUS.  John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
We have many false preachers and teachers who say there are many roads to heaven –  sorry, but those other roads will lead you to the other place – NOT to heaven with God and with Jesus Christ.  Attending those Mega Churches with their Prosperity Gospel will put you on the DOWN elevator.

All those Protestors who are out there screaming to believe the ‘Woman’ making the allegations – ignoring FACTS –  remind me of the crowds who kept hollering to release BARABBAS and to crucify Christ.  They blindly follow the loudest chants – ignorant of FACTS or TRUTH.  Why is it that women seem to be the largest participants in these loud, wild, protesting crowds?  Are they still THAT easy to lead around like the serpent led Eve???  It appears to be that way to me.

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Politics and the Plan of God

Yesterday afternoon I took off work at the office early and drove with two friends to Rochester to see the president give a speech at the Mayo Convention Center. In order to actually get a seat inside, we would have had to get there many hours earlier, of course, but we were led to go anyway just to get a feel for what was happening.

The first thing we saw was a long line of people from the door of the Convention Center down the street. So we walked down the street to find the end of the line and discovered a large crowd of thousands of people standing near a massive video screen that had been set up for the overflow crowd. There were people of all ethnicities standing there, including some dressed in Muslim-style dress.

Many had brought their children with them. The temperature was about 45F (or 6C) and it was drizzling a bit­not ideal weather for standing outdoors.

There was a small group of perhaps a half dozen protestors as well, who were getting ready to shout and disrupt the scene, hoping to make it difficult for the others to hear what the president was saying. No one paid any attention to them, however, as their voices were lost in the crowd.

These days, President Trump can never get adequate facilities for a speech. It seems that there are as many people outside as inside. Contrast that with ex-president Obama or Hillary, who can hardly gather enough people to fill the front rows of a high school basketball stadium. And yet we are supposed to believe the polls that tell us how unpopular Trump is.

There seems to be little middle ground in our polarized nation. I recall that the real polarization began during the Clinton years in the 1990’s. His immoral behavior alone polarized the people. Many Christians despised his example, and many non-Christians loved him for normalizing rape and adultery.

The polarization process leveled off during the eight Bush years, but a new problem arose as people got tired of endless wars. President Bush made it clear that this “war on terror” was going to be with us for the entire 21stcentury. Then Obama came on the scene promising “change.” His promise to end the war was his greatest advantage, but it took nearly his entire two terms in office to bring an end to the war. Meanwhile, he changed things that should not have been changed.

When Hillary then ran for office, wanting to continue the Obama policies, the polarization of America continued even further. At first she hoped that Trump would win the Republican nomination, because she thought that he was too “far right” to appeal to the mainstream voters. She did not see how polarized the people were becoming, nor did she see the rising groundswell of people reacting to the “changes” made during the Obama administration.

When the Democratic Party finally saw what was happening in 2016, they hatched a plot to frame Trump for “Russia collusion,” while at the same time exonerating Hillary for crimes so blatant that they could not be hidden from the public. Such as deliberately bypassing the secure government servers to send email communications. It later came out that all of her emails were immediately forwarded to the Chinese government and other places, essentially making the US government a public zone. Many people had already gone to jail for such actions, but yet the Obama Justice Department found nothing wrong with her actions­because (we now know) even he and his entire cabinet had participated in this breach, even using silly code names to hide their identities!

But even the mainstream press could not hide all of these illegal activities. The Clinton Foundation was making too much money through “donations” from foreign governments to hide its blatant bribery.

This polarization in America can be seen in more than one way, but the biggest factor is that the Evangelical Christians have finally been roused to action as a voting bloc. Some were alarmed at the slide into immorality, beginning with the legalization of abortion in the 1970’s, then the open immorality of Bill Clinton, and finally the legalization of gay marriage during the Obama administration.

Others simply began to see the huge discrepancy between the nation that our founders established and what we see today. The erosion of the American Constitution and the way that the Supreme Court has redefined terms in order change the Constitution without the need of Constitutional Amendments alarmed many people as well.

As for me, I interpret all of these issues in light of my view on Bible prophecy. I have studied history seriously since 1971 and have compared it to what God has said in His Word. I came to see that America had been taken over by a secret foreign government which the Bible calls “Mystery Babylon.” This was prophesied thousands of years ago, and Scripture even gives us the reason why He allowed it to happen.

The root problem is lawlessness (anomia) in the church. This was why God brought Israel into many captivities during the time of the Judges, and it was the same reason God empowered the Babylonians to bring Judah into captivity in the days of Jeremiah. God is very consistent in that way, and this has not changed to this very day.

For this reason, in the late 1970’s I began to study the law of God. Prior to that time, I knew relatively little about God’s law, for I was raised with the idea that the law had been put away. But when I saw how God was already judging America for her sin (lawlessness), exactly as the word of God prophesied, it was clear to me that God was taking His law more seriously than the church was taking it.

It took me many years to really gain an understanding of the law. At first I studied it from the standpoint of establishing Christian government. Then I learned how the law was prophetic and spiritual. Learning both sides of the law gave me a better understanding of it. Then by looking at the law through New Covenant eyes, and applying it as Jesus did in His Sermon on the Mount, I began to learn how to apply the law in a lawful manner (1 Timothy 1:8).

My training took many years, because the most important concepts had not been revealed in books that I could read and learn from others. I had to learn many key concepts from revelation and experience over a period of many years.

When I began to learn about timing in 1991, a new dimension was added to my understanding, which became the foundation of the prayer campaigns beginning in 1993. It was important to pray in accordance with the will and plan of God. The will of God is set forth in the law (Romans 2:18), but the planof God is set forth in prophecy. The most important factor, of course, is to develop spiritual maturity, the ability to love, and to put on the mind of Christ. Only then can we bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom that God has always required.

We are living in the time of the downfall of Mystery Babylon. When it falls, it will take down the entire beast system of men’s governments dating back thousands of years. My interest in current events and in the political process is based on my long-term view of prophecy. I am interested in what God is doing in the earth­not simply what man is doing.

A study of timing shows that the feast of Tabernacles of 2017 marked the full end of the dominion of the beast systems that were foretold by Daniel. We are now watching the destruction of man’s systems and the rise of the Kingdom of God. In His sovereignty, God uses both good and bad people to accomplish His purposes. Even as God has ordained evil men to reign over us as a matter of divine judgment, so also has He ordained good men when the times of judgment end. All men are flawed, of course, but He has use for everyone.

It is important to look to God alone for our deliverance from this long captivity to the beast systems that have ruled the earth since the days of Jeremiah and Daniel. Daniel 7:22, 27 says that this captivity will end when authority is passed to the saints of the Most High God, who will rule under Christ Himself and administer justice according to the laws of God. I believe we have now reached that point in history, but we still await the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which alone will make this possible.

This great event is now becoming visible, although it still awaits a few more events. Even so, it is now close enough that we can be encouraged. Now that the previous prophetic year has ended (October 1), we are beginning to see the new thing that God is about to do in our midst. The Lord has already said that the new prophetic year will begin on November 6 (election day), so we still have a few weeks to wait. Meanwhile, as with all interim periods, we prepare for the next step.

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