Proper pronunciation takes a hit along with everything else

The murdering of the English language continues compliments of all educational institutions. The act being committed embraces multiple means, e.g. killing the word, mispronunciations, grammatical errors, and the lack of an ability to construct a correct grammatical sentence.

A topical approach to mispronunciations will be used to make a point.

  1. Using 3rd Congressional District Rep. Steve Womack: The traditional pronunciation of his surname is Wom-ack.  Womack himself or allowed others to change his surname to Steve Whoa-mack.  I asked him if he approved—no response.
  2. The word in the Star Spangled Banner, “perilous” is often pronounced by nationally known singers as “pearilous” or “peereelious”.
  3. Nationally acclaimed chefs, cooks, and of course most everyone else, slaughters the pronunciation of the word caramel.  The proper pronunciation is “Care-ah-mel, not “kar-mal”, as if there was no second a in the word.
  4. The nationally syndicated sports announcer Colin Cowherd & others in the media and morphed down into locker rooms are mispronouncing (on purpose) the word culture…typically pronounced “cul-ture”.  Cowherd & other media types have started pronouncing the word “kool-chur”.

Millions more dollars voted recently to the Fort Smith School District and not a word about teaching subjects like English, the classics, history, science, geography etc. but mouthfuls about basketball courts, event center, and $100,000+ for a new District Sheriff.

Have you noticed the district’s proficiency scores? Take note of Brubaker’s 5 year plan?

How long before these educantists are clamoring for a raise from all this money citizens were duped (non-thinking) into voting for?

Joe McCutchen

Arkansas Freedom dot com

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