Dear Seniors: Act Like You Believe in Something

by Adam Grey  |  Faith & Heritage

It’s possible that the forces of evil are moving things too suddenly in their direction and that normal white people will wake up to the threat around them. Or, it’s possible that it’s too late for these people to wake up because they are too apathetic. Either way, the last years of the generations that fought in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam are certainly not going the way that they thought they would.

What G.I. that lived through the hells of the war in Europe or the Pacific could have foreseen that Arabs and black Africans would overrun the very places that they had fought to liberate from the Germans and Japanese?

Who could have predicted in 1970 that planting an uninvited kiss on a girl would result in social ostracism and civil penalties? See the #MeToo movement for reference.

It was in the 1990s that President Bill Clinton supported the Defense of Marriage Act. In 1998 Ellen DeGeneres had her show cancelled when she came out as a lesbian. Who would have thought that 20 years later, homosexuals would marry, adopt, and become civic leaders, DeGeneres would have received a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Walmart would carry her line of clothing, with multicultural children serving as its models?

Not only far-off places that they fought to protect, but their own communities and families are being devastated by the changes transforming the United States today. To stand against sexual perversion is seen as fear and irrational hatred; to stand for masculinity and femininity is portrayed as bigoted; to believe in natural facts of gender, race, age, and physical ability is castigated as immoral.

The states, cities, counties, and countries that these older whites inherited are on the verge of being totally overtaken by strangers to their civilizations. In London, a Pakistani Muslim reigns as mayor. In Michigan, a socialist Muslim ran for governor. In Vermont, a mentally ill man pretending to be a woman has been nominated by one of America’s major parties to serve as his state’s governor. The same is true for a socialist black woman in Georgia who distanced herself from whites, and a socialist black man in Florida. The list could go on and on. America’s North, South, Midwest, East, and West have all been affected.

The question that remains is whether or not these older men and women will go to their graves with their honor intact, or their reputations intact? Will they transfer their wealth to younger individuals and organizations that fight to defend Western civilization, or will they squander their wealth on vacations and other luxuries like the rich man Dives who then went to eternal torment? (Luke 16:19-31)

Not only that, but will they acquiesce quietly to the utter destruction of their once-beloved homes? Or will they use their votes, their voices, and every other means at their disposal to turn back the invasion of their homelands? I don’t remember reading about how our ancestors waited for a poll or an election before they decided to stand like men and throw out evildoers in centuries past. How I wish our grandfathers and fathers would act like the men they used to be, and lead us younger generations to victory rather than retreat and leave us to fight, or die, alone.

I can’t imagine a worse fate than going quietly into the night knowing that I had left resources unused in the fight to defend my family, my faith, my homeland. I pray that our elders will remember their ancient strength and use it before it’s too late. They still have the money, the votes, and — through their younger folk — the muscle to win the day.

All they need to do is believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

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