REVEALED!! Chuck Schumer’s favorite Taylor Swift Song

Far Left Liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s Fav
Taylor Swift Song is…
OK, drum roll PLEASE: 
Oh, and by the way, Chuck Schumer recruited Phil Bredesen to run for the Senate. You can read about it here:
(Link) so DO NOT believe Phil’s lies about being “independent” or that he will “move away” from the party. That is PURE BUNK, he will be a reliable vote for the New Far Left Democratic Party.
Ok, now for the big reveal: Chucky’s fav Taylor Swift Song:
“Today was a Fairytale”
Oh Chucky, Good Choice and very appropriate for Chucky. His fairytale is for Tennesseans to give him a majority in the Senate so he can implement a far-left liberal agenda of big government where everything will be free except YOU AND ME.
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