Bits and Pieces…. August 6th 2013

Visions of grandeur

Scott Conger considers mayoral run and helped along by the Jackson Sun, West Tennessee Health Care and promises from the Democrat party to the liberal candidate.

In this photo provided by his campaign office is Detroit mayoral candidate Tom Barrow. More than a dozen candidates are running in the Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013 primary for Detroit mayor, an office guaranteeing no power for the immediate future because most operations are being run by an emergency manager seeking to take the city into bankruptcy. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Tom Barrow)Coming to Our Town Soon

Bankruptcy clouds Detroit mayoral primary election – Candidates in Detroit’s mayoral primary are racing to lead what soon could be the largest U.S. city ever to go through a bankruptcy, while yielding complete control of its finances to a state-appointed emergency manager. As polls opened Tuesday, the biggest name and most prominent issue in the struggling city are Kevyn Orr and his Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing. Some of the favorites for mayor have come out against the filing, and say they will work with Orr only if they have to

Tech at Night: A key government cybersecurity role.  Chinese trojan horses.  ECPA reform held.

I’d have signed a letter against IRFA, the Pandora-backed regulatory bailout.  Government is trying to give advice on security online, including advice on how to deal with breakins.  Information exchange is truly a proper cybersecurity role for government.  Also important is prosecuting private offenders, and dealing with state offenders. Though it gets tricky when state offenders include firms selling goods while pretending to be private firms, such as Chinese firms like Lenovo or Huawei.

Ohio Newspapers Circle the Wagons for Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Ohio’s largest newspapers have refused to report on research that undermines arguments for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which would make more low-income Ohioans dependent on government without necessarily improving their health. The Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cincinnati EnquirerAkron Beacon Journal, and Toledo Blade have circled their wagons around several major studies contradicting Governor John Kasich’s pro-Obamacare narrative. For instance, a National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) working paper released in early July reviewed a 2005 Tennessee cut to Medicaid eligibility. The authors concluded the Obamacare Medicaid expansion could shift up to 4.2 million Americans from private health insurance into Medicaid and cost 940,000 jobs by reducing incentives for able-bodied childless adults to find work

Amazon founder buying Washington Post for $250 million

The shocking announcement Monday left reporters and editors of The Washington Post speechless.  It left Washington stunned. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was plunking down $250 million in cash from his personal fortune to buy outright The Washington Post and some of its subsidiaries. Bezos becomes the latest billionaire to venture into the newspaper business, following Boston Red Sox owner John Henry’s purchase last week of The Boston Globe and the burgeoning newspaper empire of Warren Buffet, who bought out the Media General newspaper chain and is buying up other newspapers on a regular basis.

Editor’s Note: If you don’t think this will change the views of the Post, then you best be prepared to for that trip to Never Never Land

For the Grahams of the Post, stewardship was the mission

For years, the Graham family, owners of the Washington Post, would fly two dozen senior editors to a luxury resort in Puerto Rico, where they would mingle with then-chairwoman Katharine Graham and listen to her son, Donald Graham, talk about the need to cut expenses. As they headed for the hotel casino or to the golf course few editors could take Graham’s warnings seriously. They also knew that when the big story broke, they would be told personally by Graham to mobilize without regard to cost. The Grahams tended to describe their mission not as making money but as “stewardship” in the public interest, a message passed down through four generations and from the family to the newspaper’s managers.

“Billion-dollar asbestos fight underway in Charlotte court”

An expert witness testifying on behalf of Garlock Sealing Technologies, a maker of gaskets and seals, says the company has already paid at least $1.3 billion in damages to asbestos claimants. The company is telling a bankruptcy court that its remaining liability amounts to a mere $125 million, but lawyers for claimants say that’s a pipe dream and that the actual figure is ten times that or more. The case offers a window into some economic dimensions of asbestos litigation. [Charlotte Observer, Chamber-backed Legal NewsLine] A judge has declined to allow reporters access to some of the proceedings, including portions of testimony by Cardozo professor Lester Brickman outlining the role of what he says is pervasive fraud and double-claiming in asbestos claims. [LNL]

Democrats are Mad at Debbie Wasserman Schultz

After telling Politico that she was planning on using her DNC donor network to build her own political infrastructure, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has seen quite the backlash from her Liberal allies. When she went public with these plans, many Democrats were upset to see the DNC chairwoman taking advantage of her position. One top Democratic political adviser said, “This is unbelievable. So much for supporting the president or electing Democrats…She was honest that this is about her”. DWS plans on using the extensive donor list at the DNC to build a ladder of powerful connections in order to accomplish some serious political aspirations.

Obama heads to Phoenix to pitch mortgage reform

President Barack Obama is proposing to overhaul the nation’s mortgage finance system, including shutting down government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And he has some bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. Obama was to outline his proposals Tuesday at a construction company in Phoenix, once the epicenter of the housing crisis following the 2008 economic collapse. The housing market in the region, as in much of the country, has rebounded in recent months, buoyed in part by low interest rates. The president’s trip marks the latest stop on his summertime economic tour aimed at refocusing his agenda on middle-class Americans still struggling to recover from the recession. The collapse of the housing market in particular had a dramatic impact on people’s lives and the economic viability of communities nationwide.

FANTASTIC – Elbert Guillory announces “Free At Last” PAC because GOP has ‘conceded the black vote for long enough’

Can Elbert Guillory actually make a video that is improper or incorrect? Seriously, this video is nearly as good as the last one . Elbert Guillory is fantastic!

In this one he announces the “Free At Last” PAC and says he was asked to be the honorary Chairman of the PAC because, as he puts it, the Republican Party has conceded the black vote for long enough. And it just gets better the more he talks. Guillory sounds like he really gets it. If this is the future of the Republican Party, I’m all in.


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