Jackie’s thoughts this morning

So many things to comment on – I lose track of things that I really want to share with WGEN readers.

On the topic of ILLEGAL INVADERS:
I really would like to have Pres. Trump push forward the total elimination of that insane ANCHOR BABY ruling –  that is NOT what the 14th Amendment intended when it was passed.  It was for those who were slaves – not invading ILLEGALS.  That point needs to be clarified so as to make sure it isn’t able to be used again.
The DACA insanity is another Far Left rule to ensure the ILLEGALS gain ground on OUR soil.
We need SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for all those ILLEGALS – who came here knowing they were ILLEGALS but have no intentions of obeying American LAWS.

On the topic of the FALSE ALLEGATIONS:
As I have stated numerous times.  Any and ALL claims against another person related to sexual assault must be DOCUMENTED – PROOF PROVIDED – no more he said, she said accusations to destroy another person out of whatever purpose the accuser is trying to bring forth.  If they can’t provide PROOF that would hold up in a court of Law (not public opinion) then these accusations must be CLEARLY labeled as such – UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS.
Once the allegations are shown to be FALSE then the accuser and their legal advisors must suffer legal and financial punishment.  Time to get these money grubbing lawyers to face the consequences of their acts.  Might include the media mouths in this as well.

On the Topic of the mobs protesting and causing havoc:
This is a situation where the Antifa and other types of loosely organized groups have caused pure madness in the streets, in public buildings, resulting in assaults, loss of life, and great damage to property, public and private.
All those who have taken it upon themselves to harass and  threaten those they disagree with should be immediately arrested and charged with every  violation they can be charged with.  Those who are protesting as paid trouble makers ($$$ Soros and his ilk) need a doubling of the consequences – much like the doubling of  fines in a Construction zone.

On the topic of Guns:
Our Constitution clearly states in the 2nd Amendment
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
It clearly sates: The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms,  shall NOT be infringed.   It says nothing about age or any of the other restrictions that keep being added to our RIGHT to keep and bear arms.  The powers that be now have rewritten it to read we have the right to BARE ARMS.
The problem is not the GUNS  it is the USE of guns by people who use them for ILLEGAL acts.  Outlawing guns isn’t going to stop the results of that misuse – those who intend to do harm will simply find another *tool* (weapon) to accomplish their agenda’s.

This all goes along with the failure of those who sit in public government positions to ENFORCE LAWS ON THE BOOKS.  Laws not enforced across the boards are a JOKE!
We also need to return to the courts interpreting Constitutional LAWS, not writing laws.  Writing laws is the job of the legislatures and Congress – not the courts.

While we are at it  – let’s abolish all LOBBYISTS.  All they are is SALESMEN for the product they are hawking and buying off the politicians to promote their SALES PLAN.
I have stated for many years that the ONLY persons who should be able to contact and promote an issue with any politician would be those persons (not corporate entities) who can CAST A LEGAL VOTE for that politician.  If they can’t cast a LEGAL VOTE then they can’t try to INFLUENCE that politician.  Imagine the huge drop in the cost of running for office if the
*salesmen* were eliminated from the process.  Also imagine the TIME those politicians could perform some actual WORK if they didn’t have to be partying many nights a week to secure FUNDING for their campaigns with those who can’t vote for them to begin with.  Also, it should greatly reduce the time they need to spend *in session* which should relate to the payroll of politicians and all those *benefits* they now get.  They could go to their legislative location (State Capitols and Congress) – take care of the ACTUAL  work and then return home to their other source of income –  just as it was when this Nation was founded.  I would love to see the elimination of political PARTIES as well –  let each candidate stand on their own merits – not the way it is now.

Each person has the RIGHT to vote according to their conscience – but so many now vote on the name that their PARTY puts forth – ignorant of what the candidate REALLY stands for.

I hope this will give some folks a bit of FOOD FOR THOUGHT and share my thoughts with others.  I hold no hope that the changes will happen because I really look at all this as  a Spiritual War and how I understand the Bible this is certainly all prophesied before the Lord returns to gather up His people and then the 7 years of Satanic rule – before Christ returns for the Second time and the real war is fought.  This is why I keep telling folks to make their *reservations* for where they will spend ETERNITY – do it before you take that LAST BREATH or you will end up in the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN   idzrus@earthlink.net
It isn’t who you are –  It is WHOSE you are ! ! !
Praying for REVIVAL in the world, especially in America.

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