Norris, Richardson confirmed to judgeships

Trump nominations stalled more than a year, now part of McConnell/Schumer package deal

By Stephen Elliott  |  Nashville Post

Bass Berry attorney Eli Richardson and state Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris were confirmed Thursday to federal district court judgeships in Tennessee.

The two were nominated more than a year ago. Norris was confirmed by a 51-44 vote and Richardson 52-43.

Senate Democrats agreed to confirm the group of judges, which includes three Circuit Court judges and 12 District Court judges, in exchange for agreeing to go to recess so that Democrats can continue campaigning before the November general election, Politico reported.

Norris and Richardson were nominated the same day as Thomas Parker and Chip Campbell, who were both confirmed in January. Norris will serve in the Western District of Tennessee and Richardson in the Middle District.

The NAACP was among the groups to oppose Norris’ nomination, citing his legislative record and past statements. Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama was the only Democrat to vote for Norris. Two Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, voted for Richardson.

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