Ides of October: History Doesn’t Repeat, but it Often Rhymes…The Dreyfus Affair, Q-ships, Polish-Lithuanian Hero

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Not sure if Mark Twain said history never repeats but it often rhymes but truer words were never spoken….

As POTUS continues on with his winning spree the likes we have never seen before let’s visit some events in history that rhymes with what’s going on now with the all but dead Trump Russia myth and other curious phenomenons like the cult-like Q following, and witch hunts from the past that are eerily similar to todays smear campaigns that would see people guilty until proven innocent like Brett Kavanaugh and Polish Lithuanian American heros you have never heard of named Thaddeus Kosciuszko.

The Dreyfus Affair – Miscarriage of Justice that took place in 1894 lasting through 1906

  • Captain Alfred Dreyfus French Artillery Officer of Jewish descent sentenced to life for communicating French military secrets to the German Embassy in Paris
  • Was imprisoned on Devil’s Island in French Guyana for nearly 5 years
  • 1896 – head of the army’s intelligence unit Georges Picquart found evidence pointing to French military officer Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy as the real traitor
  • When Picquart told higher ups what he’d discovered he was transferred to North Africa and later imprisoned
  • Before he was sent to Tunisia, he passed on the information he had discovered on Picquart to Dreyfus’s lawyers
  • Word began to seep out to the public about Picquart being the real traitor and in 1998 he was court-martialed but found not guilty; he later fled the country to London
  • After his acquittal, a French newspaper published an open letter titled “J’Accuse directed to the president of France in defense of Alfred Dreyfus by well-known author Emile Zola. Zola accused the military of a major cover-up in the case. In response  Zola was convicted of libel, although he escaped to England and later managed to return to France.
  • Dreyfus would go on to be pardoned by the FOURTY FIFTH prime minister of France

Sound familiar? Also something me and my brother Lewis will talk more about this at 6:30 on the Ides of October is the synchronicity of the Dreyfus Dossier that convicted him and the fake Trump Russia Dossier Mueller & the rest of Deep State are trying to use to impeach Trump with. Yes Before there was a Steele Dossier there was a Dreyfus Dossier. The only difference here is the power of the internet and thank God for that.

J’Accuse could be the theme of our current time. I accuse, therefore you must be guilty. General Flynn, George Papadopolous, Paul Manafort, Ronny Jackson, Brett Kavanaugh, etc. And if you dare defend those that are accused, you will be met with the same fate……J’Accuse.

Thankfully the internet is around for our modern day witch hunts and false accusations…..otherwise we might be living with the same unfortunate and unfair results those in history were forced to endure.

Due process…I think we’ll keep it.


In the cult-like phenom of Q worship as some kind of god like figure who knows all I stumbled upon something I had never heard of…..Q-Ships.

I know you have heard of the U-boats….they even made a movie about them…but I had never heard of Q-ships so check this out…..

    • The Atlantic U-boat campaign of WW1 was a prolonged naval conflict between the Allied navies of the Atlantic waters and German submarines
    • What started out as a campaign directed at just the British Grand Fleet was extended to include action against the trade routes of the Allied powers. This campaign was so successful it resulted in the loss of nearly HALF of Britain’s merchant marine fleet. Britain needed a strategy to overcome the destructive U-boats
    • Enter Q-ships….one of the most closely guarded secrets of the war
    • Their codename referred to the vessels home port, Queensland, in Ireland.
    • Q-boats were used to draw the enemy into an engagement by a false display of weakness, whereupon their hidden armaments could be unleashed.


In our periscope we will delve more into these Q-ships but what jumps out at me is the Q-ships were used as diversions….distractions….to turn your attention somewhere other than where it ought to be….I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson in there ……

Thaddeus  Kosciuszko

Polish-Lithuanian military engineer, statesman, and military leader who became a national hero in PolandLithuaniaBelarus, and the United States.

Raise your hand if you have never heard of him. I’m raising mine….I stumbled upon this gift while researching births and deaths for the Ides of October periscope. I’m a huge fan of the Marquis de Lafayette….my original twitter handle was Lafayette on Twitter. I knew he supported our war for Independence and came through at a time when all seemed lost. I knew about the Frenchman….why had I never learned about the Polish-Lithuanian?

Google Thaddeus Kościuszko and read about him….MOST INTERESTING MAN….full of toxic masculinity and all that good stuff but briefly….

  • ​In 1776 he moved to America where he took part in the American Revolution as a colonel the Continental Army. He was a very well accomplished military architect and he designed and oversaw the construction of state-of-the-art fortifications, including those at West Point, New York.
  • In 1783, the Continental  Congress promoted him to brigadier general
  • The accolades of Kościuszko are too many to number but like most men who are incredibly smart, the lesser among him didn’t listen to him and many hard lessons had to be learned …..but we will talk about that on periscope….
  • March 1778 Kościuszko arrived at West Point, New York, and spent more than two years strengthening the fortifications and improving the stronghold’s defenses It was these defenses that the American General Benedict Arnold subsequently attempted to surrender to the British when he became a traitor.
  • Kościuszko’s contribution are too many to post here and me and my brother will delve deep into this great Polish-Lithuanian-American patriot who went on to become a great Polish Patriot….he died on October 15th…but we will never forget his contributions to our history….may he rest in peace.

Jack Posobiec was kind enough to share a photo of Kościuszko homestead which is near where his wife Tanya is from….his parents and her sister…kind of amazing when you understand that American Pravda tried to taint Poland in the past….anyone remember all of those polack jokes? That was propaganda and there’s a reason why they were painted in a negative light….and its the same reason the MSM paints Trump supporters as Nazis or at the least …the “far right”.


​There’s so much to learn…..stay tuned….


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