Trump Takes Over Interview, ‘I’m President and You’re Not’

By Steven Beyer  |   Western Journal 

In a “60 Minutes” interview with CBS News’ Lesley Stahl that aired Sunday, things got heated as President Donald Trump was pushed on his relationship with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and special counsel Robert Mueller.


In the contentious interview, Trump reminded Stahl exactly who was president.

The interview became testy when Stahl brought up the North Korean leader.

“I do trust him, yeah, I trust him. That doesn’t mean I can’t be proven wrong,” Trump told Stahl.

Stahl pushed back, “Why would you trust him?”

Trump responded by telling Stahl that if he didn’t trust Putin, he wouldn’t have told her there on the show. He told her it would be “foolish” to tell her that on the program.

Trump went on to remind the journalist that the North Korean leader hasn’t tested a missile or rocket recently.

He said, “They definitely haven’t done a nuclear test because you know about them real fast. It sort of moves the earth. And we have a relationship now.”

Stahl didn’t let the issue go, though. She pressed further, bringing up Kim Jong Un’s history of crimes against his own people.

She asked, “He presides over a cruel kingdom of repression, gulags, starvation. Reports that he had his half-brother assassinated. Slave labor. Public executions. This is a guy you love?”

The interview became tense again.

“I know all these things,” Trump fired back, “I mean. I’m not a baby. I know these things.”

He continued, “I get along with him really well. I have a good energy with him. I have a good chemistry with him. Look at the horrible threats that were made. No more threats. No more threats.”

The interview became contentious at other times as well as Stahl brought up topics such as Mueller’s investigation and relations with Russia.

At one point Trump talked about what he felt was unfair treatment by the media.

He said, “I never knew how dishonest the media was and I really mean it. I’m not saying that as a sound bite. I never knew how dishonest.”

Stahl tried to change the subject but Trump pressed on saying, “Well, no, even the way you asked me a question, like, about (family) separation (of illegal immigrants at the border). When I say, ‘Obama did it,’ you don’t want to talk about it.”

Stahl told the president that she didn’t want to fight with him, to which he replied, “Lesley, it’s okay. In the meantime, I’m president and you’re not.”

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