“Liberal Lamar” donations exposed!

There are some disturbing trends inside Senator Lamar Alexander’s recent campaign financial report. The list of who donated to his campaign and what he spent the money on just further demonstrates that he is NOT a man of the People. His report shows that he is an out-of-touch elitist career politician of the worst kind. Let’s get started….

First let’s look at his core constituency; special interest PACs.

From March until July in 2013 he raked in about $506,000 from special interest PACs (about 25% of what he raised last quarter). But since he started his re-election effort his campaign has actually taken in roughly $1.1 million from these special interest PACs. Overall nearly 1/3rd of his campaign funds are from special interest PACs.

Given that kind of big money the special interests are throwing to him it begs the following questions:

-What do all of these special interest PACs get in return for their donation?

-What was promised to them by Liberal Lamar?

-Why would they spend so much money on an elected official from TN?

-Can he really represent Tennesseans if he is beholden to special interests?

Total he has raised $2.03 million last quarter and $3.5 million to date. And the average individual contributor has given well over $1500 to Liberal Lamar’s re-election Campaign. How many people do YOU know that are willing and able to drop $1500 in to a politician’s pocket? The average hard-working Tennessean can not afford to.

In fact 90 of his individual donors were lawyers giving a total of over $132,000 coming from the lawyers themselves and their families

But what’s worse is that nearly 1/3rd of his donations ($637,150) were from outside of Tennessee. And almost 1/5th were from the Washington, DC area. Why would people in such far away places want to donate to a Senator from Tennessee?

One thing is for sure though, he and his staff are living large off of these donations.

For example their report includes airfare for private planes. $26,000 at the luxurious Peabody Hotel, $55,000 with Marriot hotels, nights at the Crowne Plaza and the super high end Ritz-Carlton. Senator Alexander’s campaign also spent $1200 on valet parking alone, and well over $3500 at a ritzy steak house in DC.

Does this sounds like a man of the people to you?

What’s even more revealing is the amount of money he is spending to maintain his power, even though he has no serious challenger. Liberal Lamar must be very nervous about his ability to get reelected if he does indeed end up facing someone serious to run against him.

His campaign spent $723,012 in expenses this quarter even though he has no opponent. Since he filed for re-election he has spent a total of $2,672,520, again, with no opponent on the horizon. Why would he spend so much money against an opponent that doesn’t exist? Is he that paranoid, or is his campaign just a way to funnel money to his friends?

He has spent $36,000 on polling and in his recent run of TV ads he spent $79,000 in which he tried to fake an endorsement from Senator Rand Paul. Of course this doesn’t include the independent Obama environmental policy advocates that also ran ads for him or the fake poll falsely claiming tea party support (that come to find out was written by one of Lamar’s own advisers).

Below are some details that you’re likely to find fascinating about who has been contributing to Liberal Lamar…


Here is a brief listing of the highlights of just some of the individuals who have donated:
CEO of Pilot Oil General Manager of Pilot Travel Stations
Governor Bill Haslam and his family
President of Family Planning & Protection, Inc
Former Governor Don Sundquist
An attorney from the Harold Ford Group
State Rep Jim Coley
Executives of Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN, including the CEO
CEO of St Thomas Health Services Vice President of Baptist Memorial
Healthcare Corp President of HCA
President of Middle Tennessee Medical Center
Regional Manager of Suntrust Bank
Vice President of Volkswagon of America
CEO of Anderson News Corp
Finance Director, CEO, and President of JP Morgan Chase Executives with first Tennessee Bank
CEO of The Bank Tennessee
Director of Oak Ridge Natl Labratory
CEO of Baptist Hospital
CEO of TN Farm Bureau
Corrections Corp of America
Former Senator, HUD Secretary Mel Martinez (now Chairman of Chase)
President of Autozone
Tri-Star Bank President CEO of Methodist Univ Hospital
Mayor of Franklin
President of Lipscomb University
Mayor of Lawrenceburg Senior Director of American Bankers Association
Vice President of Hess Corp
Chairman of Fifth Third Bank
Music industry mogul Mike Curb and his wife
Vice President, President, and Fred Smith of FedEx/Federal Express
CEO of JC Penny
Chairman of First Century Bank
Vice President of LeBonheur Healthcare


And here is a listing of notable special interest PACs who donated to Liberal Lamar:
Republican Majority Fund
BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin Honeywell Siemens Corp BASF Northrop Grumman American Medical Association Pfizer Generic Pharmaceutical Association American Pharmacists Association Federation of American Hospitals National Association of Chain Drug Stores
National Community Pharmacists
Dow Chemical Whirlpool National Grocers Association Kroger WalMart NFIB Capital One
Pinnacle National Bank
US BanCorp
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Fifth Third Mastercard
National Cable and Telcom Association
Time Warner
Duke Energy
Marriot Coca-Cola
Cracker Barrel
UPS Norfolk Southern
CSX Old Dominion Freight Line Lowes Companies Ford Motor Company


 Big donations from prominent families:

– Haslam family gave well over $30,000 – Dobbs family in Memphis gave well over $20,000 – Davenport family in Chattanooga gave over $10,000; others with Pointer Management gave over $17,500 – Rhodes family of Memphis gave over $10,000 (CEO of Autozone) – Clayton family of Knoxville gave over $14,000 (CEO of Clayton homes) – Bronczek family of Memphis gave over $10,000 (President of Federal Express) – Fred Smith and family (FedEx) gave over $10,000


 You can view the full and raw data here. Please note this information was tediously entered by hand from the FEC reports. If you see any errors or corrections needed, please let us know ASAP so that we can ensure accuracy. The original FEC filing documents can be found here. Further analysis can be found here and here.

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