Obama’s Look What I Did to the Economy Tour


Congress has adjourned for their August recess, which means the Left won’t be mounting their collective assault on Liberty from inside the Beltway but rather out in their home districts and states.

They are joined by Barack Hussein Obama, who is continuing his “Look What I Did to the Economy” tour across the nation.

He launched that tour in our hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, last week, where he received a less than cordial reception from this citadel of Southern hospitality.

Obama has been regurgitating the same phony talking points since then, insisting the economy is improving but stirring the class-warfare pot claiming the middle class and poor are not keeping pace. Naturally, he suggests the solution is more taxes and government spending.

Obama talks about the stagnant national economy as if he is an observer who arrived from Mars — when in fact, the economy is mired in the mud because of five years of his failed policies.

It is no small irony that Obama started this most recent stump speech tour in Chattanooga, because Tennessee’s economy is recovering DESPITE his failed economic policies, which have stunted job creation and stifled economic growth!

Tennessee is fourth in the nation in job creation. We are a “right to work” state and our economy is driven by entrepreneurial ingenuity and hard work. We have the lowest debt of any state in the nation, even though we have no state income tax. Coincidentally, our Governor is a Republican who was formerly a successful business owner (not a “community organizer”), and our State Legislature has a Republican super-majority.

Maybe that is no coincidence?

Obama could have learned a few things in Chattanooga that he could apply nationally to get a real economic recovery going, but apparently he already knows it all… Make no mistake, if we continue down this path, the whole nation will look like Detroit.

OK, so why is there no Patriot Brief today…

Your Patriot Team members work very long hours in defense of Liberty, and frankly, the 22 publishing deadlines our editors and technical staff endure each week are relentless. Thus, I insist they take a well-deserved recess with their families each August, to coincide with what congressional Reps call a “District Work Period.”

Unlike Obama, who will be hobnobbing with the rich and famous on his multi-million dollar vacation on Martha’s Vineyard next week, each of our team members has opted for “stay-cation.”

One of us, the lowest paid member of the team (me), has to remain on watch this week, so I am sending you this note to soothe any temporary withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing without your daily dose of the Post!

Also, I have some great news about a big improvement to the content you receive from us in the Brief, Chronicle and Digest. As the first digest of news, policy and opinion on the Internet, over the years we have occasionally upgraded our email and online content formats to better serve grassroots Patriots.

A member of our National Advisory Committee recently described our weekly publications as parts of a meal: “The Monday Brief is vegetables and potatoes, the Wednesday Chronicle is dessert and the Friday’s Digest is the beef!” (He offered this analogy just before lunch, and he may have been hungry.)

Well, we have been in deliberations for several months on a plan to provide a full meal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, rather than just parts of a meal on each of those days. By popular demand, each edition will now contain elements of the Brief, Chronicle and Digest, providing the most current content in more concise and readable format. Tuesday’s Humor edition and my column on Thursday will remain the same.

Though the team is taking a breather this week, our Patriot Headline Report and The Right Opinion pages will be updated around the clock, and our Founder’s Quote Daily emails will be delivered on schedule.

We’ll be back with the best digest of news, policy and opinion on Monday, 12 August.

On behalf of your Patriot Post Team and National Advisory Committee, thank you for standing on so many fronts in defense of Liberty!

Pro Deo et Constitutione — Libertas aut Mors
Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Mark Alexander
Publisher, The Patriot Post

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