Election Day is Coming… What is on your Mind?

by Jonathan Easley and Alexis Simendinger  |   The Hill

Turn on the television in the final weeks before Election Day and you can expect to see an advertisement with a politician talking about health care.

Democrats have seized on the issue and believe they have Republicans off-balance. Liberals are thrilled that Democratic candidates appear to have settled on a kitchen table issue, rather than running on impeachment or the controversy of the day in Washington.

The Associated Press: Democrats go all-in on health care.

The New Republic: Democrats finally have a midterms message in health care.

Following the bitter Supreme Court confirmation battle for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) sought to turn the page quickly, and Democrats were able to force a vote on eliminating short-term health-care plans that don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

The Senate was split 50-50. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) voted with Democrats but was the only GOP member to cross party lines.

Now, The Hill’s Reid Wilson reports that across the country, Democratic candidates are running ads focused on a lawsuit brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) and Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel (R), which argues that the Affordable Care Act was rendered unconstitutional by the GOP’s tax overhaul.

Federal court judges in Fort Worth weighed opening arguments on the matter last month. Democrats are using the lawsuit as a cudgel against Republican candidates from the top of the ballot on down.

There’s suddenly been a noticeable shift among Republicans on the most popular provision in ObamaCare, underscored by Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) pledge to protect people with pre-existing conditions during a heated debate on Tuesday night against Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas).

Cruz softens ObamaCare attacks, underscoring GOP shift

The Hill: Cruz softens ObamaCare attacks highlighting GOP shift.

The issue carries weight with voters. President Trump for weeks has been trying to help GOP candidates as they suddenly defend the core tenet of the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits insurers from turning down coverage for clients who have pre-existing medical conditions.

We totally support people with pre-existing conditions. We have a tremendous level of talent, and we’re doing a lot of work on pre-existing conditions.” – Trump

The New York Times reports:

“For months, Democratic candidates have been running hard on health care, while Republicans have said little about it. In a sign of the issue’s potency, Republicans are now playing defense, releasing a wave of ads promising they will preserve protections for Americans with pre-existing health conditions.”

However, on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said during an interview with Reuters that Republicans might try to repeal ObamaCare again next year if they keep the majority.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said those remarks reveal the GOP is being dishonest about where it stands on pre-existing conditions:

“Republican Senate candidates have been lying on the campaign trail about their promise to protect pre-existing conditions – and Mitch McConnell just blew their cover.”

Is it a winning issue for Democrats?

It might depend on the state, as premium costs in the federal and state exchanges and among employer-provided plans vary widely.

AP CONGRESS HEALTH OVERHAUL A USA DCUSA Today: Health care is a key national issue but the real action may happen at the state level.

But a new survey of a key voting demographic for any midterm cycle might be a warning sign for Republicans:

Morning Consult: In departure from past elections, seniors lean toward Democrats.

Health care – and every issue that falls under that broad umbrella –  may not appear explicitly on ballots next month, but it’s definitely on voters’ minds. The Wesleyan Media Project reported this breakdown of nationwide political ads from September, and health care dominated.

Of course don’t let all of this sway you. This is all political propaganda in an attempt to win elections.

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