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I don’t think I sent this to you, but I thought you might be able to encourage your ‘listers’ to get out to vote and to encourage their pastors to urge their congregations to do so, as well. (^:  Kenny Smith and a great group of people, are really trying to reach out to churches.  This is what I sent, below, added to his information.  If anyone would like to have their church added to Kenny’s list of churches who would like to be on an e-mail list for voter information, Kenny is asking for e-mail addresses so they can be sent information, during the elections.  We were disappointed, because not many churches got behind the “Bathroom Bill,” last year, and we didn’t get enough signatures to keep males out of the women’s bathrooms/dressing rooms.  I think, after the Kavanaugh hearings and some of the negative things that have happened as a result, we need churches/pastors to realize just how important it is to vote.  Other States may have similar voting guides, so it might be nice if this went out to your entire list.

Thank you!


Since I am a PCO – precinct committee officer, I am quite involved politically. I am working with a group who is encouraging our pastors and churches to make sure that our congregations get out to vote (GOTV).

Statistics show that Christians have a low voter turnout, but that if Christians would vote their values, we could make a huge difference in our government. Not voting has allowed abortion and many other bad Bills to be passed.  Even though this is not a Presidential election, it is still very important.

I hope you will help in this endeavor.

The links to the voter guides included in the attachments, are very helpful in seeing where a Candidate stands, on many of the issues that are dear to our hearts. If you know of other pastors who might be interested in this material, could you please forward this on to them?  Thank you!

Thank you for considering this.

I always have people at church ask me about the candidates and initiatives, so many are seeking help in finding voter information.  This may help.

Our ballots have already come and they have to be in by November 6th, so time is of the essence!



I just sent the following email to pastors in Clark County for which I have email addresses.  I don’t have very many, about 10% of the 300 churches on my list.  If you can help me contact more pastors it would be much appreciated.  I’m asking you because you are helping with the curriculum issue or helped last year with I-1552.


Dear Pastors, Clergy, and Churches,

Attorney Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) states: “It’s okay, pastors and churches can be political”. 

Steve Jordahl of OneNewsNow.com writes: “Contrary to popular opinion, voter registration and issues-related sermons are both legitimate actions in houses of worship”. That’s explained in a short booklet from a Christian legal firm [Pacific Justice Institute] that helps churches understand what they can and can’t do during the election season.

According to PJI president Brad Dacus, hundreds of pastors across the U.S. have gone beyond what the booklet and the law allows by endorsing candidates from the pulpit, effectively putting the IRS on notice but so far, the IRS has done nothing.

While PJI’s booklet won’t necessarily instruct churches in that regard, Dacus says his firm will back those that choose to do so.

‘If any church, any pastor is ever sued or action brought against them by the Internal Revenue Service for doing so, then we at the Pacific Justice Institute will represent them, without charge, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.’

In short, Dacus says in an open letter to pastors and churches, the booklet assists people of faith in understanding “the tools legally available to them to further the moral principles created by God” as they prepare to vote in November.”

Please see Attorney Dracus’s short booklet ‘The Church and Politics – What Ministers and Churches Can Do to Affect Public Policy with Christian Principles’ – attached

Please find easy to view church and pastor political guides from the Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) attached and also online here: http://www.fpiw.org/church/guidelines-for-political-activities/

GOGV church handouts are attached.

The iVoterguides are now up and running at: https://ivoterguide.com/

Thank you so much for your efforts to help your congregations GET OUT GOD’s VOTE!!

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.


Kenny Smith
360 521 8565

Dave Stockton
206 697 0231

Christian Action Network

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