You ask why Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford would do this? Here are 4 reasons, subject to scrutiny

1) She owns a major portion of the company that makes the morning after abortion pill and she is afraid Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v Wade, therefore making her million   dollar empire go kaput.

2) She’s a professor at the same college (Palo Alto U) where Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is on the board of directors, and she has worked with Blum on the “resist Trump” movement for two years.

3) Dr. Blasey-Ford’s brother,  Tom Blasey, is business partners with Peter Strzok’s cousin Jill Strzok for a company called Exelis Inc. enough  said there.

4) Feinstine and Chuck Schumer appointed lawyers to set up three GoFundMe pages for her the week BEFORE she testified, which are currently up to over a million dollars for her to keep as payment for her testimony.  Don’t believe for one minute this “professor” came out of nowhere.

And another question:  Is/Was Ford’s daddy linked to the CIA as rumored?

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