Roundabout construction shuts down part of North Highland

There was a bet in the office about how long it was going to take before someone would barrel through the around about… 

by Julia Ewoldt  |   WBBJ News

JACKSON, Tenn. — Construction workers are putting the final touches on the roundabout on North Highland Avenue this weekend.

“We’re paving the road. We’re going to try to get it milled and paved and get it striped,” Ben Carmack, a foreman with Ford Construction, said.

The work was originally scheduled overnight, but because of the weather, it was moved to 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

“When you’re paving, the temperature plays a big role. The colder, the less it helps that asphalt bond,” Carmack said.

That entire block of North Highland is closed.

“They are detouring around, and the 18-wheelers and trucks have a separate detour,” Carmack said.

According to the construction crew, one 18-wheeler ignored the posted signs and tried to make the turn onto McCowat Street. The truck drove up onto the brick retaining wall, leaving behind tire tracks.

“He hit the sign first and over-corrected it and tore all these bricks down, and he cut up through that road right there, and I haven’t seen him since,” Jeremy Hurst, who saw the action, said. “We were hollering at him, but he couldn’t hear us.”

Neighbors pulled up on the scene.

“I pulled up, and he was pulling off,” Sebastian Bouska, who works across the street, said. “I didn’t actually see him run it over, but I kind of knew he was going the wrong way.”

Other trucks had issues as well. A tractor-trailer drove past the warning signs. Once the driver realized the situation he was in, he put on his warning lights. Police had to help him navigate the construction.

“They’re not supposed to be down here, and they know that up there, but people don’t listen,” Hurst said.

The neighbors expect the mayhem to continue.

“It’s just going to be a mess at first until everybody gets it figured out,” David Curtis, who works across the street, said.

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