AstroTurf Gun-Grabbers Soliciting Student Yearbook Graduation Quotes

by David Codrea  |  Ammoland

“States United to Prevent Gun Violence and Grey New York have teamed up once again to raise awareness of gun violence prevention with a new effort . . . “Common Sense Quotes,” a personalized email from PR Account Supervisor Kirsten Schubert of Grey Advertising (“Famously effective since 1917”!) begins.

“The group is asking graduating students nationwide to use their senior yearbook quote in 2019 to demand stricter gun policies,” Bell explains. “With gun violence in the headlines and the midterm election days away, we want students to step up and be the generation that finally makes Congress listen and enact common sense gun reform.”

Well-funded Ceasefire U.S.A. gun-grabbers teaming up with New York ad agencies to manipulate public opinion: When have we seen that before? Aside from all the damn time…?

The last time I ran into States United doing this, they were trying to convince us that “customers” recorded on a “hidden camera” were having their minds changed about guns in a fake gun store by a “proprietor” who was really an actor. The thing is, permits obtained from the City of New York through a Freedom of Information Act request told us “Actors are interviewed on camera in a fake gun store.”

And small world: Grey was  behind that, too! (As an aside, does their name somehow seem fitting?)

So it’s a safe bet this new venture, getting in on the post-Parkland child manipulation racket, will prove to be every bit as meaningful and genuine.

First, there’s the promotional video, with the obligatory solemn piano score to set the mood over how virtuous and sincere what we’re being shown is.  As per SOP for such efforts, “Comments are disabled for this video.”

How are we supposed to have that “national conversation on guns” the antis are always asking for (right before telling us what they think of us in graphic terms)? Might there be another way to return the sentiment since they don’t seem very inviting or tolerant of diversity in opinions over at YouTube?

We could go look and see over at their Donate Your Quote website, where graduating students are being asked to “donate” their yearbook quotes to “demand” a government monopoly of violence. On it, they treat us to such gems of adolescent wisdom (which I’m totally sure are original and not influenced in any way by the professional sleight of mind manipulators at Grey) as:

  • “Common sense gun reform means guns don’t determine how long someone lives.”
  • “Common sense gun reform means that police men should have guns, not students.”
  • “Common sense gun reform means taking direct action against guns, not just sending thoughts and prayers.”
  • “Common sense gun reform means limiting the type of guns people can own.”

If I may: Assigning determining capabilities to inanimate objects, advocating for “Only Ones,” parroting open-ended and meaningless “something must be done” sentiments,  mocking prayer, and demanding Americans relinquish their birthright hardly seem very “common sense” to any but Opposite Day “progressives.”

Fortunately, the advertising professionals have given us not just a way to provide feedback so they’re not just an echo chamber, but also the method. Do what they do:


Plus it can be fun.

They have a handy form on their site where you can upload a photo, give them a quote and tell them your school (I entered “John Moses Browning Technical School”):

“Common sense gun reform means the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

I don’t expect my entry will make their site, but it did allow me to create a graphic to accompany this article. You might want to consider an entry of your own, and telling these people exactly what you think of what they’re doing.

And then tell your friends.

“Many great mug shots are available online to use as your profile photos,” AmmoLand Founder and Editor in Chief Fredy Riehl tells me. “Be sure and ask our readers to email us their best quotes and images and we can do a follow up with them all included.”

And don’t forget another group of prominent “common sense gun safety” advocates.

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