Vote with Christ in Mind

Today we cast our vote.

James Silberman wrote that “our votes are an extension of our faith” in God and in Christ. He reminded us that “Christ’s lordship is over all areas of life and that’s abundantly clear in his word.” While we have watched some in government try to lessen “His” influence over us…. throughout history we find that “He” will not be compartmentalized.

There are some that will tell you that “He” our Lord and Savior didn’t exist to save us… that God himself was no more than “a bad piece of meat”. But you know that is not true and that deep in your heart you understand there is no way to separate the yoke from egg in this instance. Our Christian beliefs and our government are bound together. We can not tell you how to vote but we can ask you to vote with Christ in mind.

God Bless and Be Well

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