Beyond Election Day — The Battle Plan

Editor’s Note: Normally we don’t post pleas for contributions. We conclude that it is not our business, we being strictly free. We do this to avoid all the incumbent es of government influences. But to some it is a business as well as a passion. I meet Mark Alexander 21 years ago by chance and I have been a loyal follower and contributor for years. Now it is your turn.

ut Deus sit apud vos

Twenty-two years ago, just prior to the reelection of Bill Clinton in 1996, our team launched The Patriot Post with the mission of advancing Liberty and dislodging the Leftmedia’s stranglehold on public opinion, which was suffocating our legacy of freedom.

Fast-forward to this time two years ago. I was very concerned that another Clinton would be elected. To say I am “relieved” that was not the case is an understatement. Since then, our nation has had a new lease on Liberty and free enterprise.

Today as we await the results of the only polls that matter, the ballot box, it is clear that this election is a referendum on Democrat voter IQ and the Leftmedia’s “Hate Trump” chokehold on their opinion. Will enough of them vote against peace and prosperity to halt the progress of the last two years?

While the Trump administration’s considerable domestic and foreign policy achievements should be reason enough for every rational American to cast their vote in support of those policies, whatever the outcome may be, our advocacy for Liberty never ceases. If anything, the urgency to support our mission is greater now than ever.

In addition to your midterm vote, please consider a second vote in support of your Patriot team, which will pay dividends far beyond this election cycle:

I humbly ask that you please support our 2018 Year-End Campaign today.

Your Patriot Post team endeavors tirelessly to defend our Forefathers’ legacy of Liberty — and to extend that inheritance to the next generation.

Please make your donation — no matter how large or small — to our 2018 Year-End Campaign today. We rely solely on the financial generosity of Patriots like you.

Note: You have the option of making a donation online or mailing a donation with our printable donor form. Once your donation has been recorded, your email address is removed from our appeal and update lists. However, when the campaign is complete, we will send you a report.

Mark Alexander
Publisher at The Patriot Post
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