Americans vote in midterms could be seen as referendum on Trump

CNN would love this to be a judgement day but this all opinion not news…..

Americans go to the polls Tuesday in midterm elections framed by both parties as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency and a battle for the soul of the nation.

“In a sense, I am on the ticket,” Trump said at a rally late Monday. He also warned of “illegal voting,” reviving unsubstantiated allegations he made after the 2016 elections.

A new CNN poll among likely voters found that Democrats go into the vote with a 13-point advantage over Republicans on the question of who should control Congress, a slightly wider gap than shown in two other national polls released a day earlier.

Lifted by overwhelming support among women, Democrats had the backing of 55 percent of voters on who should control Congress, while 42 percent wanted Republicans to remain the majority party, the CNN poll found.

Republicans are considered likely to keep control of the Senate.

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