Josh Hawley Grounds Claire McCaskill in Missouri

By Brent Scher  |   Washington Free Beacon

Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley / Getty Images

Republican Josh Hawley was declared the winner over Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in one of the most closely watched Senate races of the cycle.

Hawley, Missouri’s attorney general, was projected the winner just after 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday over McCaskill, who was considered to be one of the toughest incumbents up for reelection. McCaskill was dogged during the campaign as an elitist who had lost touch with Missouri after 12 years in the Senate.

McCaskill attempted to run to the center in the race’s final weeks, but the effort was hampered by her vote against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which was used by Republicans as evidence that she would take direction from Democratic leadership on major votes.

McCaskill was also criticized for her use of her private plane during the campaign and for her family’s accumulation of wealth while she held her senate seat.

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