Back when I was Liaison Officer for the Southern Oregon Militia (SOM), we were approached by a young man named Joshua Ryan Brewer, who claimed he’d been framed by the Medford, Oregon Police Department for Marijuana and gun violations.  We investigated and discovered he was telling the truth.

We waited until Brewer had been convicted of two felony Marijuana violations and we paid $11,000.00 for his appeal, which resulted in his convictions being vacated.  We then arranged for Brewer to file federal civil rights violations against the Medford Police, the officers involved, the Medford Mayor and the City of Medford.

One month before the federal trial was to begin, Brewer was having domestic problems with his longtime girlfriend, so Brewer went off the deep end, started using and selling meth and Heroin and got arrested three times by Medford Police.  That was the end of our case.

We never wanted or asked for any part of Brewer’s  anticipated multi-million dollar judgment.  Our target was the corrupt Medford PD, and Brewer’s complete implosion shocked us, because we knew there was no way Medford PD could defend itself with the evidence we had.  Little did we realize the victim himself would completely destroy our efforts.

Following that debacle, Brewer continued his decent into being a total loser, and the last I heard of him until recently was that he’d tried to elude the police and rolled his car.

I was depressed to say the least.  But upon further reflection, I realized that it was probably God himself who didn’t think a multi-million dollar judgment for Brewer was a good idea.  You see, putting several million dollars into the hands of a young man like Brewer would be tantamount to handing a fully loaded AK-47 with the safety off to a pet Chimpanzee, and expecting nothing bad to happen.

I did get some solace from that.

Just the other day, I realized I hadn’t seen a new arrest report on Brewer recently, so I consulted my databases and couldn’t find a current address for him anywhere in the United States.  On a hunch, I checked the Oregon State Prison records and it turns out Brewer had been sentenced to at least five years in prison, not to be released until mid 2021.

Needless to say, I wasn’t shocked.


Carl F. Worden

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