Boom and He is Gone! Sessions Resigns

Washington’s post-election “Kumbaya” moment lasted all of about two hours on Wednesday, when talk of bipartisanship and unity was shattered by President Trump’s announcement that he had ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Hill: Sessions out at Justice Department.

Sessions’s resignation letter.

Read Letter From the Attorn… by on Scribd

Lawmakers were still assessing the political fallout from Tuesday’s midterm elections when news of Sessions’ ouster spread across Washington, reigniting fears on both sides of the aisle that the move was an effort by Trump to interfere with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Trump has installed former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Whitaker most recently served as Sessions’s chief of staff. The Department of Justice says Whitaker, not Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, will oversee Mueller’s probe going forward.

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