Oregon is a beautiful state with a relatively mild climate, and so was California.  For years, retirees from all over the nation have flocked to Oregon to spend their remaining years.  But the Mid-Term election results in Oregon, and especially in Southern Oregon, which was once overwhelmingly Conservative, has now taken a hard left-turn to the dark side of Socialism/Communism.  Anyone considering retirement destinations, and who know what that means will cross Oregon off their list today.

Oregonians have always prided themselves on having no sales tax.  That sounds enticing until you realize local governments routinely pack property taxes on top of property taxes and numerous, “fees”, to make up for lack of a sales tax.  Local real estate agents list homes all the time now because the elderly residents can no longer pay their property taxes and are forced to sell.

That problem is now guaranteed to get worse.

There is also a ticking time-bomb awaiting the entire working and retired population of Oregon:  For years, the public sector employees have been given very rich retirement and medical benefits, known as the Public Employees Retirement System, or PERS.  That system is woefully underfunded, and Oregon enacted a provision to make all Oregon taxpayers liable to pay the shortfall, which is massive.

Kate Brown was just elected to continue her reign as Governor, after being appointed to that position after the former governor resigned in disgrace.  Brown is an admitted bi-sexual, a flaming Liberal/Communist and a tax & spend nutcase.  She has no concept or grip on the fact tax money is finite.  She won’t cut spending if her life depended on it and she now has four more years to drive Oregon right into the ground just like the Communists did to California.  And what did we expect?  If a governor is so screwed-up in the head she can’t even figure out what sex she is, how can we possibly expect her to get anything right?

As stated previously, Southern Oregon was once considered a safe place for Conservatives to live, but that notion just flew out the window with the local election of Jeff Golden to the State Senate.  Golden is a Communist of the first order, and the local voters chose him over a very qualified Conservative.  Golden is so far left, his main goal is to combat Climate Change and, “fix”, the problem of income inequality.  That is code talk for income redistribution, and income redistribution is code talk for Communism.  Get it?

Oregon, therefore, has become totally Californicated, and I left California for Southern Oregon 29 years ago when I saw the direction California was taking.  Oregon is now following the exact same, disastrous path California took, and California is so heavily in debt and spending like a drunken sailor that it now faces economic collapse.

My wife and I are now having serious discussions about whether to remain in Southern Oregon.  We have been so very thankful we got out of California when we did, but I also know we’ll deeply regret it if we stay — let alone if we can stay — because this state will drive property taxes so high that property values will eventually begin to drop.  So with the assured prospect of massive property tax increases, coupled with the assured prospect of equity loss, why would any retiree want to move here, let alone stay here?

The writing is on the wall, just like it was in California 29 years ago.


Carl F. Worden

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