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Had a bunch of computer problems yesterday and my fantastic web gal spent hours trying to get things up and running.  To add hot sauce to the problem was that Earthlink was also having a ton of problems so the email system was all but impossible to do anything.

I have only looked at a few of my trap line pages so far this morning but what hit me like a ton of excrement was having to see WHAT was winning.  That idiot in New York that can’t even tell time won her race. Mad Maxine won.  That tells me the problem in America is VOTER DEEP.  This is much deeper than media fake news…  this is the result of years of DUMBING DOWN in the public school system.  The FAILURE to teach and encourage students to THINK not just follow the leader.   Very similar to the false teachings by most of the religious denominations who teach a *Gospel* other than the one taught by Jesus Christ.  As I said in another post – what is spoken from the pulpit – do your homework and check it in the Bible to see if “IT IS WRITTEN” or is it ‘serpent deception’?

Have no clue as to how many votes were cast by those who have no right to cast a vote – the entire Motor Voter and other lax methods of registering to vote – the failure to purge voter registration roles of the DEAD or moved names – and the remarking that takes place on ballots that aren’t entirely filled out by the real voter (yes that is a big problem so I fill in EVERY item on the ballot even if it is to an empty line) – not to mention all those ballots that go to nursing homes and are filled out by care givers instead of the patient.  Our voting rules are in big need of a cleansing and the scrutiny of those who register to vote needs a BIG STERILIZATION.  I’ve long suggested that all voter roles should be PURGED – START OVER and only those who appear in person at the voter registrar with legitimate ID and proof they are who they claim and live where they claim – then  they must RE-REGISTER every 6 years (or pick a low number)  That will keep the voters honest and weed out the dead and moved names from getting a ballot.  Motor Voter is the Socialists dream team because there is NO way to ensure these people are legally able to register to vote in America.

I have to wonder how many who voted this time just asked their *handlers* how to mark the ballot and that is what they did.  No thought of what it was going to COST them – because a good share of them live off the tax funds anyway so what do they care what the COST is.  Wait until those freebies stop being handed to them – then the civil war will begin in earnest.

All I can say is this nation began with a war against the *rulers* and it seems like it will end the same way.  A lot of blood has already been shed and much more is to dry in the streets as this explodes.

Personally, I have been covered in the Blood shed by Jesus Christ and I have been ensured of eternal life with Him so whatever happens in this earthly life is but a blink in the eternal life.
We shall ALL Live for ever and ever – the difference is where we shall live it out.  Heaven or The Lake of Fire.  I do hope and pray that you do what Jesus stated clearly in order to spend it in Heaven with Him and our Heavenly Father.  There is only ONE WAY to gain that entry in spite of what many denominations mislead their followers to think.  Once you have taken that last breath her on earth –  the next *breath* will be in one place or the other – Heaven or Hell.
As Jesus told the criminal being crucified next to him –  Luke 23:…42Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!” 43And Jesus said to him, “Truly I tell you, today you will bewith Me in Paradise.”

God does not give you what you can handle-
God helps you handle what you are given.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

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