Nashville voters approve charter amendments

No extra term for Metro Council members, but charter gets gender-neutral terms

While Metro Charter Amendment 1 got the bulk of the headlines (and the money) in Tuesday’s midterm election, Nashville voters did have to make choices on five other charter amendments.

The only amendment that failed was an effort to add a third term to the limit for the Metro Council, rejected by roughly 55 percent of voters.

Amendments 2 and 3, which established clear succession methods for mayor — an eventuality few anticipated prior to Megan Barry’s resignation — passed easily. Nashville voters also overwhelmingly approved an amendment that will update the Metro Charter with gender-neutral language (“councilmember” instead of “councilman,” for example). Isn’t that sweet…..

And thanks to the passage of Amendment 4, Metro officers must swear in their oaths of office to uphold the newly updated Metro Charter.

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