House Dems plan key early vote on pre-existing conditions

House Dems plan key vote on pre-existing conditions

House Democrats think pre-existing conditions powered them to victory on Tuesday, and they’re setting up a quick vote on the issue for next year.

A House Democratic aide said the vote would be on a measure to have the House of Representatives formally intervene in an anti-ObamaCare lawsuit to defend the health law.

The politics: The vote could be a tough one for some House Republicans, who pledged repeatedly during the campaign that they supported protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

The measure also doesn’t require approval from the Republican Senate, or President Trump, since it would only require the House to intervene in the lawsuit.

“Voters across the country have delivered a resounding verdict against Republicans’ war on health care,” said Henry Connelly, a spokesman for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.). “The new Democratic House Majority will move swiftly to defend the vital protections for people with people with pre-existing conditions still under legal assault by the GOP.”

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