With filing deadline approaching, 17 candidates have already declared their candidacy for Chicago mayor

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Like was mentioned last week, we hope everyone is rested up from the midterms. We’re already buckling down for the 2019 races (and let’s not forget about the runoff we’re tracking for U.S. Senate special election in Mississippi on November 27!).

First up: the filing deadline for the Chicago municipal races.

Chicago, the third-largest city in the U.S. by population, will hold elections for mayor and other municipal offices on February 26, 2019. Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced in September that he would not seek a third term, leaving the seat open.

The candidate filing deadline is November 26, 2018—two weeks from today. So far, 18 candidates have officially announced their bids for mayor.

In addition to voting for mayor, residents of the city will vote for a city clerk, city treasurer, and all 50 seats on the city council on February 26.

A candidate for any office must receive more than 50 percent of the vote in order to win outright. A runoff election is scheduled for April 2 for top-two vote-getters, should no candidate reach the majority threshold in any election on February 26.

Note to Chicago residents: Are you concerned about the future of Chicago but feel like no one will listen?

We will, and we can help make sure candidates in next February’s municipal elections and thousands of other Chicagoans do, too.

The Interactivity Foundation and Ballotpedia are joining forces to conduct listening sessions all across Chicago.

The results of these short online video sessions, facilitated by experts, will be put to candidates, whose answers will be made available on Ballotpedia for all to see.

If you are interested in this check here.

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