Hilarious tweet from Alyssa Milano, offering Justice Ginsburg both of her kidneys. The replies are classic!

We all know that liberals are a bit deficient in the IQ department, but Alyssa Milano has set a new low, offering Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg practically all of her organs to keep the octogenarian jurist alive so that President Trump can’t make the Supremes an even more conservative court.

So clueless is airhead Milano that she is offering Ginsburg both of her kidneys, apparently unaware that she will be needing at least one to continue tweeting her absurd nonsense to the world.

For whatever reason, Milano has decided that Ginsburg can have all of her body parts except one lung. I have nary a clue what use Milano has for one lung if she donates all of her other organs. Maybe she knows something I don’t.

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