The Superbad versus the Bad — Now isn’t that Good

News albeit via a back door !

Interesting information from JIM STONE, American conservative living in Mexico . . .

NOW CERTIFIED FACT: The narcos are going to start killing the caravan in Tijuana

They have been given 24 hours to leave or else. The first killings will likely be on Tuesday night.


Drug dealers in Mexico had a relatively easy border before, but suddenly the U.S. military is there and it is impassable, complete with razor wire and a much higher fence. Add to this a full on border closing to prevent the caravan from storming the port of entry,

The additional fact that the caravan is robbing Mexican businesses and leaving a huge mess everywhere is angering ordinary Mexicans, plus they first were a problem with the wealthy community, and things are not looking up for them.

My opinion is that something serious is likely to happen. Americans generally allow themselves to be screwed over but it is just not the same in Mexico.

This ought to be interesting, even ordinary Mexicans have been told to stay inside so they are not misidentified and killed. The police hate the caravan also, they won’t do jack to stop whatever happens.

So the update to what I stated in the previous post (below): THIS IS NOT RUMOR.


There’s a rumor circulating that influential people (i.e., drug lords) are going to kill the migrant caravan for screwing up Tijuana.

Here’s my take, with known facts:

First of all, the migrant caravan was never a huge topic in Mexico. It made the news a few times and Mexicans for the most part, that were not in the path of the caravan (that means practically all Mexicans) never gave it a thought beyond the newscast. Somehow they got on buses and an early arrival group of high hundreds but less than a thousand ended up in Tijuana. The first of these went right over the wall, (as I reported earlier) but the problem is that the area around Tijuana is quite heavily secured and they did not have much success after the wall.

OK, now today’s story:

The military finally arrived and laid razor wire down on the other side of the wall, and that stopped the jumpers. They also made swimming the ocean around impossible to do. So the caravan got trapped in Tijuana, where they were absolutely hated. It is quite difficult to go through the desert to get around the blockade due to mountains and high heat, 24/365 so they stayed in Tijuana because let’s face it: they are not airborne rangers or Marines and they really did need a bus because even the open road was too difficult. The back country is a LOT WORSE.


They got kicked off the higher class beach area by pissed off locals who did not want them there, and had to disperse into the ghetto zones of Tijuana, where they are also hated but it is harder to get rid of them.


They are stuck. Mexicans hate them regardless of what the MSM is saying and are not willing to help them. Mexicans in Tijuana are well aware of the fact that Mexico offered them asylum which they turned down for a “bigger pie” in America and that they are not refugees, they are invaders. They understand why America secured the border, and Mexicans have sided with America on this topic.

The rumor has it that several social classes that can “make stuff happen” are absolutely pissed at the people from this caravan for screwing up Tijuana. They don’t like the newly placed border restrictions screwing up commerce. Here’s a pre-existing example to explain what is rumored to be about to happen in Tijuana:

It is somewhat known that in Las Vegas, the gangs are wiped out by the casinos. 

The casinos don’t want people getting mugged or carjacked in Vegas because Vegas has to be a fantasy playland where people walk around loaded with cash and don’t have to worry about getting robbed. So the casinos can rake in all that money. If people got robbed frequently in Vegas, the entire atmosphere would collapse.

So if anyone does a mugging or robbery in Vegas, they’d survive until the FIRST 3 AM and it would be their last one. Spin the roulette wheel to get a guess at which casino would kill the thug first. No one knows who does what, but it gets done. Vegas is comparable to an adult Disneyland where the entire thing is a giant theme park where no one worries about anything, they just have a good time, even at 4 AM. And there is plenty for the kids too, and the entire place is totally safe EVERYWHERE.

The rumor is that the same attitude is being taken by the more influential people in Tijuana, who gave the caravan 24 hour notice that it had better be out of town and never return, or they’d all be killed because they are destroying commerce and ruining the safety and security.

That’s a lot to say for Tijuana, which is not exactly a merry go round of family vacation fun. This is plausible and believable but whether or not there really were threats made against the caravan will need some time to either come to fruition, or be vetted out as fake reporting. Even from here, I cannot separate fact from fiction with this, I only know the caravan is absolutely not welcome.

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