Fox News contributor Dan Bongino posted a shocking revelation about those FISA Court application documents that Trump hasn’t declassified and released yet.

I knew some of our foreign allies, Britain and Australia, allegedly didn’t want those documents released, but that sounded like a lame excuse until I heard Bongino explain what is behind it.

It seems Barrack Hussein Obama had figured out a way to get around the laws prohibiting our spy agencies from spying on American citizens without a warrant.

With the use of Echelon, an American-designed spy system not domiciled in the U.S., but shared by the U.S., Britain and Australia, among others, Britain and Australia spied on American citizens, including Carter Page, for the purpose of spying on the Trump Campaign.  The U.S. and Britain spied on Australian citizens, and the U.S and Australia spied on British citizens.  It was quite a cozy affair.

Basically, if the U.S wanted an American spied on, they’d use Britain or Australia to do it, fully expecting those governments to share what they learned with the U.S. agency requesting the spying.

Britain (regardless of Brexit) and Australia are on board with the Globalist Agenda, and our own Deep State was on board as well.  They all saw Trump as a major impediment in their effort to drag the U.S. into the New World Order under U.N. Agenda 21, so our Deep State, Britain and Australia were all in on the spying together to either defeat Trump, or shackle his presidency should he win.

Britain and Australia are supposed to be our allies, but apparently they are our allies only so long as we are headed toward the New World Order.  The moment they realized Trump was a hazard to their plans, they joined our Deep State against not only Trump, but all of us who voted for Trump.

Think about that for a moment!

Obviously, this is not a healthy situation from the standpoint of our relations with our closest foreign allies, and I believe that is why Trump is hesitating releasing those documents, because they will reveal that unholy alliance between our three nations against all three nations’ citizens.  It will be a real can of worms if and when the American public finds out this truth.

I’m one of those odd-birds who will always do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may, mainly because it is the way God wants us to conduct ourselves.  I’ve always benefited by following that conduct, even though it might appear that the short-term consequences are nasty.   But the way in which Trump handled the Kashoggi murder indicates he will commit a little evil for the greater good, which is right out of Satan’s Handbook.  I believe Trump is weighing the pros & cons of releasing those documents, and how it might affect future relations between all three allies, but he’s making a mistake if he is.

If Britain and Australia are willing to spy on U.S. citizens in the U.S. for a U.S. agency, then they are not really friends of the U.S anyway:  They are only friends with Globalist-conspirators like Obama and Hillary, and Obama and Hillary are not America’s friends.  Everyone acting to promote the inclusion of the United States into the New World Order has had something promised to them, undoubtedly position, money and power in the New World Order government.  They are doing it for a reason and not because they are true believers.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that if these traitors are not brought to justice and soon, that we citizens will have to rise up and overthrow them ourselves.  It’s either that, or be enslaved under the Communist New World Order.

We can’t win this game by trying to simply maintain the status quo, because that is tantamount to playing not to lose, and if you play not to lose, you will lose every time.  We will have to go on total and committed offense if we are going to save this nation.  That is not my preference, but this situation is being foisted upon each and every one of us, and there is no sign these traitors will stop unless we stop them in such a brutal and ruthless way that they won’t even think of continuing their efforts, ever again.

Food for thought, but only for the truly thoughtful.


Carl F. Worden

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