Countdown to a new beginning

Now that the midterm elections are past, the investigations into voter fraud have begun in California, Texas, and Florida—and perhaps other places as well. In Los Angeles, they are saying that the Democrats bribed a lot of homeless people and put their signatures on ballots. Nine people have already been charged with fraud.

Four in Texas were charged for defrauding the elderly in a voter fraud scheme.

Florida, long known for its shady election practices, especially since the Bush-Gore debacle in the year 2000, is also under investigation in spite of the chorus of Democrat voices claiming innocence.

However, a more pressing issue right now is the impending testimony of Special Investigator John Huber, who has been investigating the Clinton Foundation’s “pay-to-play” scheme, turning the State Department into an extension of the Clinton Foundation. No doubt that truly alarms her and the Democratic Party, as no one knows for sure exactly what will come out on the record.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is scheduled to testify before House congressional leaders on November 29, followed by former FBI director Comey on December 3rd. Lynch will be asked about the infamous “tarmac meeting” that she had with Bill Clinton, after which she refused to charge Hillary for her misdeeds. In recent months, Q has suggested that Lynch has flipped and will tell us “on the record” what really happened.

Comey was in charge of the FBI during that time and exonerated Clinton of all crimes even before he had interviewed her. Neither Comey nor Hillary have disputed the fact that she illegally used an unsecure, personal server while she was at the State Department, Comey claimed it was just “gross negligence,”

The problem is that others have gone to prison for doing far less. Her emails, many of which contained classified information, all ended up in the hands of the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians. Was this carelessness, as she claims, or was it espionage? Either way, would anyone want her to be president if she were as irresponsible as she herself claimed?

The noose is tightening around the Deep State and its employees. he is slated to testify this week on November 29 as well.

False Flag Distractions

It is well known that when you are in trouble during a war, it is often necessary to create a distraction as a war tactic. A distraction for this purpose is called a “false flag,” a term referring to the ancient practice of flying the flag of another country in order to disguise your identity and thereby take the enemy by surprise.

Many have been expecting to see a “false flag” operation as we approach the Day of Revelation when certain people are called to testify under oath and to expose the Deep State. The use of a false flag distraction is a good indication that its perpetrator is feeling the pressure and needs to do something drastic.

A week ago the Deep State media showed its desperation by running with an old story about Ivanka Trump’s use of a personal email account while holding a position as Trump’s advisor. They were hoping that Ivanka mistake would offset Hillary’s use of a private server. But Ivanka used her email only for private communications that contained no classified information that would be useful to foreign governments. When it was discovered, she did not destroy 30,000 emails (as Hillary did) but turned them over to be stored appropriately by government officials.

There is hardly any comparison between Ivanka’s actions and Hillary’s actions. Ivanka was new on the job and was certainly a bit careless, but Hillary’s motives were deliberate. Hillary set up the private server in order to hide her emails from anyone who might obtain them through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). In other words, she engaged in deceit because she knew it was illegal.

That Ivanka story gained little traction, in spite of the media’s hand-wringing attempts to blow it out of proportion. So now (coincidentally?!) a new distraction has arisen in the Black Sea. The Ukrainians decided to send two Navy ships and a tugboat to the Kerch Strait off the coast of the Crimea. This was a deliberate provocation, and the Russian navy responded by seizing the ships and treating it as an act of war.

But NBC news spun this, not as an attack by Ukraine but as a Russian attack UPON Ukraine.

Russia attacks, seizes Ukrainian vessels in Black Sea off Crimea

This is so typical of the fakestream media. NBC gives the impression that the Ukrainian navy ships were just minding their own business, and that Russia attacked them and seized them for no reason at all. What a pathetic excuse for a media organization!

It is obvious that this was timed to be a false flag operation to distract us from the testimonies of Lynch, Comey, and Huber in the coming weeks. If everyone’s attention is focused on the Ukraine and Russia, then perhaps fewer people will be interested in hearing about Hillary’s crimes.

The Deep State has weaponized the media in the same way that it weaponized the DOJ and the FBI and other departments of government in the past. As long as both major political parties were controlled by the Deep State, this weaponization remained largely secret. But once Trump won the 2016 election, everything changed. Trump was not part of “the club” nor was he safely under the control of either party.

As a maverick, Trump sent alarms ringing throughout the Deep State. He was upsetting the entire Babylonian system of control. That is why the Deep State has brought out every weapon at its disposal to destroy Trump, even though they had no problem with him prior to his candidacy as president.

Recent Q Posts

Yesterday, November 25, Q again posted a few items. Post #2499 reads (in part):

Be ‘extremely’ vigilant in Dec.
See something.
Say something.

Q then reminded us of President Obama’s Executive Order 13526 of December 29, 2009, declaring that government agencies cannot classify information to conceal their crimes or to prevent embarrassment to anyone working in a government agency:

Q wrote this:

Executive Order 13526
Sec 1.7
“Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) in no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
(3) restrain competition; or
(4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.”

Q is implying that the FBI and DOJ have violated Obama’s own Executive Order from 2009, in that they are trying to conceal their own crimes in the name of “national security.” The struggle for transparency is very real, especially when the heads of these agencies are the criminals who have the power to classify whatever they want. Once classified, it is difficult to prove that the classified documents are truly a matter of national security, because the public—and most other government officials—are not allowed to verify the reasons for classification.

In other words, the power to classify information is the power to remove transparency in government. It is the power to hide government crime for 50 years or more, until all the criminals are dead and buried with full government honors.

By the way, when Q tells us to look at “Sec 1.7,” it is ironic that the letter Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and is thus a “Q” number.

Watch Dates

It is still too early to verify, but is it just a coincidence that November 29 (the Lynch testimony) and December 5 (Huber testimony) are watch dates from the past?

Back in 2006 I wrote a series of weblogs entitled: Prophetic History of November 21-29.

As for December 5, that is the day I resigned from the church in Las Cruces, NM in 1981, which was the most important turning point in my life. That was my “new beginning.” Will this also prove to be a new beginning in a broader sense in 2018?

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