I know a lot of people foolishly ignore Bible Prophesy, but having studied it since before I turned 20, I know that those short and mid-term prophesies turned out exactly 100% accurate.  For that reason, and the fact God states clearly that he gave us those prophesies so that we would believe the whole Bible, I am confident the latter-day prophesies will prove just as accurate.

Which brings us to the subject of Brexit, which is Britain’s populist and vain effort to leave the European Union.  Britain’s voters chose to leave the EU by election over two years ago, but nothing of substance has been done to divorce the Brits from that evil EU for a very understandable reason:  Britain’s Teresa May has been against leaving the EU all along, but she’s still in the driver’s seat, so she’s concocted a pseudo proposal she wants voted on by Parliament, allegedly to facilitate Brexit, but it leaves Britain under EU control no matter how it is sliced.

Image result for the beast (devil)Bible prophesy tells us Britain will remain in the EU.  The Bible prophesies that address the nations who are part of the EU beast, use animals to describe each country.  For example, France’s animal symbol is the Rooster, Germany’s symbol is the Leopard, Britain’s symbol is the Lion, Russia’s symbol is the Bear and the United States is the Eagle.  All of those animal symbols apply to those nations today, if you care to check it out.

In the Bible, it shows how Britain is a Lion that initially has Eagle’s wings attached, but the wings are removed before Britain becomes a member in good standing with the EU.  What does that symbolize?  It symbolizes when the United States broke from Britain during the Revolutionary War.

So will Britain leave the EU?  Nope!  That’s what I like so much about Bible Prophesy:  It gives us Christians the playbook for what to expect.  We cannot use the prophesies to predict an exact timeline, but where ultimate outcome is concerned, we’ve got it nailed.

For example:  Scoffers of Bible Prophesy thought they’d found a flaw when the Soviet Union fell.  After all, Bible Prophesy clearly pointed to Russia as a major member of the armies that will come down and attack Israel at the Battle of Armageddon, along with their allies, Libya, Ethiopia, Turkey and Iran, among others.  If the Soviet Union was no longer a Super-Power and had fallen into severe economic chaos for years, then the Bible Prophesy had to be wrong, right?  Wrong!

Enter Vladimir Putin.  Vlad yearns for Russia to regain its position of power in the world, and he’s accomplishing exactly that.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Soviet Union, or just Russia; the Bible Prophesies clearly state that the exact area of Russia on the old maps will be the main source of the armed attack on Israel.  Putin is no friend of Israel, nor are Libya or Iran or Turkey, so all the pieces still fit.

So the Battle of Armageddon is still on, and we know the Brits will fail in their effort to leave the EU.

I should point out that Bible Prophesy indicates the ten-nation super power that will emerge under the leadership of the Anti-Christ is not specifically identified as the EU, but the nations that will comprise that future union of nations are currently members of the EU.  Maybe a new coalition of mostly the same European nations will emerge from the EU as a separate power, but how they form and what they will do is still enshrined in the 100% accurate rock of Bible Prophesy.

My question has always been this:  Why would any intelligent person or nation not want to know these things?

Carl F. Worden

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