A good report/article on MSM lying and propaganda

Central American migrants run along the Tijuana River near a border crossing after Border Patrol agents used tear gas on November 25, 2018. Guillermo Arias/AFP/Getty Images

H/T to Alice for this item

If anyone sees this post but doesn’t have the time to read the article, please, at least read the highlights from this article, I’ve pasted below.

I’m posting this article on all the groups that I’m on because it’s the perfect example of the outright lying, complete misrepresentation, and total propaganda, out of our main stream media, (including Fox news) and is relevant no matter what the focus of the group.  Please, someone, tell me again how we are NOT exactly like the Communist Chinese where all their news is tightly controlled, lest the people find out the truth of any matter.

I save articles like this for future use.  This one I’ve filed under “Media”, and not illegal immigration, because the topic really is how fake and full of propaganda our MSM really is.  This article shows links and examples all through it of MSM outright lying.

From the article, below:

“Over and over and over again, we heard the same talking point throughout all of the media: “The caravan is 1,000 miles away!” And now we know this was simply propaganda, a deliberate attempt on the part of the media to gaslight us into believing that the President of the United States planning and preparing in advance was somehow a bad thing, that getting the country and border hardened while there was still plenty of time was somehow foolish.”

“And because Trump dared to prepare in advance, again and again and again, all across the media spectrum ­ including the increasingly dishonest Fox News ­ Trump was slammed as a racist and fear-monger who was  using our troops as “props.”  And now, here we are, less than three weeks later, and everything Trump (thankfully) prepared for, did happen.”

“In these illegal caravans, Democrats and the media see future Democrat voters, while narcissistic millennials see exploitable labor ­ a future of their own filled with cheap nannies, housekeepers, maids, and groundskeepers.”

“The horror of human trafficking and drug trafficking? The injustice of illegals stealing jobs and depressing the wages of those in the working class who follow the rules? The horrific crimes committed by illegals? All sacrifices to the cause, sacrifices made by those “other people.”


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