There is a Cancer Upon the Nation

WGEN readers are well aware of my stance on HEALTH issues and how I take personal responsibility for my health by not just blindly following the AMA doctors and Big PHARMA meds.  What we put in our mouths affects our health (food and drink).  What we put in our ears and eyes affects the money train for the AMA and Big PHARMA but ignores for the most part our HEALTH.  There are so many alternative ways to regain our health and maintain it by what WE do.  I fully agree that there are times when I do go to see a medical person, AFTER I have done my own research and find that the needs are greater than I can handle myself.  I am not hard core against going to a GOOD doctor but I don’t view any of them as my health god.

Early this morning I had cramps in my right lower leg.  Years ago (many years) I went to the doctor to get quinine pills to relieve those leg cramps.  $$$ and a new visit to get more if needed.  This morning I went to the kitchen and took a drink out of the TONIC WATER WITH QUININE bottle and by the time I got back to my bed the cramps were gone.   It is the QUININE that does the trick and that is what the pills were of years ago.  The pills cost a lot and the Tonic water with Quinine is less than a dollar per bottle in most stores.

And the key is the pH Diet that if followed is the best PREVENTION health care I know of. Add to that the essential oils (especially Oil of Oregano (read The Cure Is In The Cupboard) and avoid the Big PHARMA super bug creator anti-biotics.  Colloidal Silver is a far better natural anti-biotic (internally and externally) and has no side effects – and – you can make your own with the easily purchased silver generators ( ).

Avoid those FLU SHOTS as they are filled with Chemicals and those pushing them have no clue as to what kind of *flu* will be going around so those shots may not help at all and some folks DIE from those shots.  Here is one of many reports on the death by flu shot issues:
The Alkaline (pH) level will end the petri dish illnesses because the viruses and bacteria can’t live in an alkaline body.  They THRIVE in an acidic body which is what most Americans have due to the junk food most eat and drink.

Many thanks to Jeff for maintaining a great web site for health issues       – focused more on Cancer but has others as well.

Jackie Juntti

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