The Jackson City Council will be meeting tomorrow in the Jackson City Hall Building at 9 AM in the morning. The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag will be lead by Councilwoman Dr. Vicky Foote.

The first order of business will be based on a resolution to “Removal from Table Resolution in Support of a Proposal for the Construction of Two New Public Schools”. Let’s see who has the guts the say no to the resolution and save the taxpayers or cave.

During last months council meeting Council member Dodd made a motion to table the consideration of a Resolution supporting a proposal for the construction of two new public schools in Jackson Madison County until the December City Council Meeting. Councilmember Ross Priddy seconded the motion and the motion carried 5-3, with Council members Bray, Buchanan, Dodd, Foote and Priddy voting yes to table with and Council members Brooks, Cisco, and Wallace voting no to table.

The scuttlebutt is the council, the majority of members, was going to disapprove the proposal by a single vote and this was a move to save it. The city’s finances are abysmal and this would not help matters at all.

In new business the city will be asked to approve West Tennessee Health Care’s $91 Million dollars in new debt and $62 million plus in refunding bonds. If you don’t understand, this is really your debt…. you will contribute to this via state and federal taxes which pay for health care via state insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid, which reimburses WTHC for the debt and the services they provide.

The complete agenda is below:


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