You might be asking yourselves how Christmas has anything to do with abortion, right?  Well, it does.

If you ask most people, even Christians, what Christmas signifies, most will tell you it is Christ Jesus’ birthday.  It is not.  December 25th is celebrated as Christmas because it is the day most Bible historians estimate that Jesus was conceived.  The actual date of Jesus’ birth was nine months later.

Killers of the unborn and those who advocate the killing of the unborn will insist a fetus isn’t, “Human”, until the baby takes its’ first breath.  Obviously, God disagrees.

I always cringe when some baby-killer woman insists it is, “her” body and she can do what she wants with it.  That is also false.  When a woman becomes pregnant, her body alters her immune system to allow the foreign body to grow inside her without being rejected and expelled.  Obviously, the baby is not her body to do what she wants with it.

Every conceived Human baby has Human parents, but in truth, that baby isn’t really theirs; it is God’s baby.

Do we really have control over our own bodies?  Well just try to turn even one of your own hairs from grey back to dark.  Try to grow back an amputated limb.  Try to will your freckles away.  It’s not your body; it is a body God gave you, and whether you take care of God’s gift by following God’s Word, or you choose to pollute it with alcohol, drugs and sexual perversion is up to you, but there will be consequences of a shorter and much more miserable life, if you choose the latter.

Here in Oregon, the majority of voters chose to keep forcing the taxpayers to pay for abortions this past election.  In other words, all of us, no matter what our religious convictions, are being forced by the State to pay for abortions whether we like it or not, and that is an evil act beyond any possible measure, even murder.

Food for thought, but only for the truly thoughtful.

Carl F. Worden

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